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Couch Derek Anderson Brady Quinn colt McCoy Brian Hoyer I mean the list is endless it really is go Google that and see how many quarterbacks have been chewed out and shoot up and spit out by the Cleveland Browns before we start having a conversation as to what the Bengals do quarterbacks here or even just do this little exercise if you have you know some time on your hands Google the list of quarterbacks who will put a uniform on for the Washington Redskins since the turn of the century great names like Brad Johnson and Jeff Georgian mark Brunell and Jason Campbell and Donovan McNab and RG three and Kirk cousins Alex Smith and Josh Johnson a colt McCoy and mark Sanchez case Keenum and lately Dwayne Haskins now if you look at just the starters the Bengals have had since the turn of the century who do we have Dave who do we have you have a Kelly Smith we have Neil o'donnell we have Gus Frerotte we have Jon Kitna and then a B. Dalton no I'm sorry then Carson Palmer thank you and that indeed all and in between we've had players stored because quarterbacks are because of injury right AJ McCarron Ryan Fitzpatrick but in terms of starters that's your list no I would submit that Neil o'donnell was pretty well cooked by the time he came here I would argue gusts for what was pretty well cook twenty came here Jon Kitna was a journeyman quarterback will really talking about Carson Palmer needed all that's weird you know just drop that and those that dollar national narrative which apparently happened again today on ESPN to me it's J. drives me nuts you want to bang on the bangles there's plenty of the bang on the bangles about they're the gift that.

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