Sarah Sanders says, U.S. team heading to Singapore, as scheduled, ahead of potential summit


And the interesting thing is that this release comes at a time when us venezuela relations are very very tense holds expected to meet president trump who's been tweeting about his release as president trump often says we'll see what happens in american team is still heading overseas to work on logistics for a possible summit between him and north korean leader kim jong owen cbs news correspondent mola langey white house press secretary sarah sanders said today the white house pre advanced team for singapore will leave as scheduled in order to prepare should the summit take place this morning president trump rejected via tweet a new york times reports suggesting a june twelfth meeting with the north koreans would be impossible considering the lack of time to prepare wrong again the president tweeted us real people not phony sources the paper had in fact cited a senior white house officials speaking to a large group of reporters in the white house briefing room mr trump cancelled the june twelve salmon on thursday then yesterday suggested it could be back on track mr trump unwillingness to release his tax returns has some house hopefuls debating whether elected federal office holders should be expected to reveal the documents house candidates and incumbents in colorado new york and washington are among the few who've disclosed tax returns in an effort to show transparency and sway voters in their competitive districts ahead of the midterm elections data compiled by rollcall shows just one ten sitting lawmakers have released their tax documents warnings for parts of florida and alabama as the storm named alberto moves north jack bevan's with the national hurricane center in miami tropical storm alberto is over the southeastern gulf of mexico about one hundred and seventy miles southwest dry tortuga is at the end of the florida keys heavy downpours expected to begin hitting parts of florida louisiana mississippi and alabama tomorrow school officials in bridgeport connecticut will be deciding whether to change the name of warren harding high school when it moves to a new building in the fall asian scheduled to take up the issue tuesday evening harding was america's twenty ninth president from nineteen twenty one until his death in office in nineteen twenty three and his administration was.

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