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Power voters, sailboat, or paddle borders, be aware that there's a plane, either taking off or coming in. Yellow flashing lights, a reminder to give the pilots a little extra room. 200 feet out of the way when those buoys start to flash, move 200 feet left to right, east or west. Keith lemley teaches people every day about the rules of the water. It's always about awareness. Only in place during the busy season, the buoys will be removed after Labor Day. Everybody has to work together to make sure that we all have a great experience out in the water. So next time you're out on the Lake and you see the buoys start to flash. Just kind of paddle towards the shore, give that seaplane a little bit of space to land. And they're amazing to watch. In Seattle, Hannah Knowles, komal news. Como's Hannah Knowles. Your stock charts dot com money update on northwest news radio. And now look at your money with Jim chesko. We got more evidence this past week of slower hiring growth in Washington. The employment security department reported that the evergreen state added just 2500 jobs in June, well below the average monthly growth of 15,000 jobs statewide over the past year. While the great majority of last month's hiring was in technology, many companies in that sector have announced plans to slow recruitment over the second half of the year. We've been hearing for a while now that Netflix plans to crack down on password sharing, but how will it do that? Well, starting next month in some countries, customers will be required to pay for extra homes. If a Netflix account is being used on a TV outside of the subscriber's home, that subscriber will have to pay an extra $3 a month for each extra home utilizing the same account. That's your money now. I'm Jim chesko, northwest news radio. Mom, dad. My teacher said that we should have a plan in case of an emergency. Do we have one? Yeah, sure we do. I'm an expert at making plans. First thing I'm gonna do is grab a flashlight with dead batteries. After that, I'm gonna empty every drawer in closet, looking for supplies. I can't find. Then I'm gonna mumble a few obscenities under my breath. And that will make mom even more nervous. That's right, sweetie. After that, I'm gonna run downstairs to the bodega looking for batteries. They'll be sold out of. And while I'm there, I might even try to pick up some water that'll be totally gone. And while your dad is doing that, I'm going to go from room to room and start randomly throwing clothes in the bag, YouTube will be hiding in the closet and dad won't be able to find you. And that's when we both start crying. Yes, uncontrollably. Can you pass the cutlets? And I'll take some of those potatoes. I'm

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