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Taking a lot of catches I think that's he's shown that he has good hands with the exception of that first game last year where he dropped the game winning pass that hurt my heart when i was a vigorous and and we also can't count out algebra jefferson who we drafted this year or who the lions drafted. Because you get all annoyed when i go. That's the prophet who lions drafted in the seventh round He also brings a large amount of explosiveness. And i think they're going to kind of do a very featured swift usage especially to catch falls and then when it gets close to goal line or or third and one and two and they need just punched through. It's going to be a combination of jamal jefferson. I don't think williams should be that high as running back forty six. That seems a little bit too high for me. I think he's going to be a change of pace guy. Not not about cow. Getting back to swift. Would you rather if you believe that he fit. So you're thinking so he's going at running back sixteen right now you think. He finished his higher. So which would you. Would you rather draft him or aaron. Jones football guys players championship. Ooh that's hard As aaron rodgers playing or not. Well i if in this hypothetical in this type of because address going all the time and nobody knows for sure but potentially not right aaron rodgers so if if knowing writing no at this point would you rather have. Would you rather draft swifter jones. I'd rather drive swift. I really wet stuff. How about the andre swift or clyde edwards. helaire clyde. I think is the better pick all right. So you're a half roman higher on swift than everybody else right now. Which is fine. And that will probably ebb and flow as the as the season goes on all right moving on. Let's say you have the number two pick in football guys draft. Obviously one half. Apr for tight ends christian mccaffrey. Let's say christian. Mccaffrey goes off the board. Are you of the opinion. That you're still gonna take a running back at one or two or has travis kelsey shown your enough over the course of the last. You know really half decade. That he should be the pick. Second overall now i would still go running back and specifically i'd probably go cook. Alright bryce why do you hate travis kelsey so much i don't i don't hate him. I think i think i think team is specifically game plan for him. Which is the smartest thing to do. He's he's a very prolific pass catching titan at what he does. But if you're going to have the second pick overall. I'd much rather go running back and aim for somebody like darren waller if you're going to try to get a premium tight end because wallers basically a wide receiver with t. In front of his name. What is okay so if you had your druthers you could have any tight end. Would you take kelsey first. Or would you tell over kelsey. That's a hard while really like calcium lately. It seems like it seems. Like and talking of darren waller. Yeah i think based on what we saw last year with waller and just how many targets he got. I think he is especially in a pr league and ours are all. I think i would target waller over kelsey because kelsey is such known and waller is kind of this. Still upstart tight end. That seems to be able to do everything. He's very physical..

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