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Sort of find this way out of here. And goes over to hang him or go house paradox. Various reporting from Sichuan Harbor, Jim McKay, wbz Boston's NewsRadio and again he has made his way over to Cohasset, Cohasset. Police reporting He was there tonight. So again, a very busy roaming bear on the South Shore. Maybe you're on the South Shore. You want to know what's going on there. Traffic wise. Well, we've got you covered traffic and weather together. February. Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three's A tough night out there. Mike is still a struggle getting out of this city. Nicole. What gives? The expressway is still awful from the O'Neill tunnels to South Bay and from squad, Um, Street to route 24 stays like that on 24 south For a while. There is rain coming down a lot of areas, especially to the south now, so that's probably why it's worse than usual here. On 93 24. All right, Then you are found Expressway still pretty bad Furnace Brook Parkway, a passing upon its circle, But it is better up towards the tunnel. 95 South is stop and go for a little while Coming down from 1 28 board 93, either or up to the North 93 is finally better coming up to Medford and stone them 1 20 eight's back up to speed from, say, wealth them all the way into Beverly Route One North is backed up a little bit getting by route 60 and revere. Otherwise, it's good. I passed the Lindfield Tunnel that I mentioned this problem in Sudbury. This is a crash cleanup route. 20 West by Pickem Road. Uh, both lanes are closed. Basically, eastbound traffic is running on the eastbound up two way traffic is running on the eastbound side of route 20. As this crash cleanup continues their miking WBC's traffic on the three Alright, some updates tonight when it comes to that severe thunderstorm warning it is now just in effect until seven o'clock tonight. Parts of Norfolk and Plymouth County is we have this storm right now.

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