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Will never believe how Melby formerly up the Spice Girls. How Melby had a tattoo of her ex husband's name removed from her body hint? It was not a laser. Okay. That's surprising. Why went through was so horrific in this one particular tax through that my exit forced me to have was Steph until death to us PA Murano I on my heart, and I just saw icon go through the pain of getting lays off layers is actually more painful getting the tattoo, and it takes about four or five times to get it lizard. So I convinced a good friend of mine dot canoe. Just cut off my body, Omar. So he just did a coat of just his name and I've saved in a jar. Which sounds a bit strange? All at the top of my world. Nobody can say it. I know it's that is off my body. Say makes me feel so much. Wait a minute. Two things one is that a form of pet removal. Can you do that it just cut it off? Yeah. So I guess with. Money. She hired a surgeon. And the second thing is why does she want to keep it is? That's why I don't house. But you know, I was thinking is we brought that question up today. I was thinking that maybe is there an idea when it comes to being religious in your life that you want to make sure your body is intact when you're buried. Yeah. Or your yourself some people feel that way. So maybe maybe it's for religious reasons because I can't understand why feel that way. I don't get it grows back. I didn't realize this. But my in my dad who was Jewish practicing Jewish years ago, not so much now actually not at all. Now, I think he's agnostic. But he it's the Jewish people did not like getting tattoos on your body. Right. Was against the religion. So when I got my gay tattoo. Am I? Legit says gay almost right? And I was at the pool and hot I forgot about it with so many years ago. He's like, I didn't know you haven't had too little odd. He's like what is it on my gay? Knew that. But and I think most religion, I know some have changed. But most major religions they encourage you not to do anything like that. Because they say you're bites temple. I'm not saying you have to you have tattoos. I don't care. That's fine. You like tattoos? Jared surprising. I see some tattoos on my actually looks good. Myself asleep. I would never do it. But ABC don't do. Sometimes like I could see where people would find that attractive or good looking or on a girl at Mike. But for me, it's not for me. I could see how it becomes an addiction. Yes. You have this new ended, Admiral and add more. I'm too fickle. I would hate it. The next day the next hour, right? Like like at twos on smoking hot girls, the tramp stamp. Only. Right. And then I also like which is a big turn on for me is like oriented Guerande gets those secret tattoo Oriana like behind the ear. It's a place. You is not obvious. I don't like that. I'll watch the upper neck because her hair is down because women shouldn't have short here. When she puts up you see the tattoo. I didn't know women that do like the back of the neck tattoo. No matter what the style is. They can be coming out of the shower there. Oh, for sure they make sure that you see they have a tattoo. And then sometimes they'll even like shave the under hair just so that it's even more on this. Right. All right in other Hollywood news Cardi B challenged. Her husband offset to an online rap battle. And the winner has to do something for the entire household was popping husband. I challenge you to a battle on November twenty nine th at four PM on the app. Whoever loses got about all the Christmas decorations all of them all of them, the one in New York one in Atlanta too. I skied a wifey she got to house don't they pay people to do that. I would. They got two houses it my goal in life is to be to get to a certain amount of money where I can just pay people do everything Jason does. But like a little bit different joke on four. But like I would totally like you have some you used to before you bought an expensive trained dog. You used to pay people to come and pick up your dog poop. Yes. Yeah. I would do cleanup poop, and it was a very affordable price. Much cheaper than I would ever. Sixteen dollars a week. The cleanup poop out of your guard. That's the worst thing you could possibly do to lunches a sixty four dollars. Poop. I don't like poop. No one likes. Of the responsibility of being a dog owner, right? But I was the only one cleaning up the poop, of course. And also how often did they do it? Was it a daily or weekly was a weekly thing? But you could get them for twenty dollars come twice week. I believe. Yeah. Interesting without your job. I mean, that's you gotta make money math on the girl that did it. And it's quite lucrative. I believe there's a can't take long. No, it's quick and one house after if you can get a bunch of clients is one house up in another quick and cash down for the day. Yeah. What we're learning. Is that your family members? Do nothing. They do nothing. Healthcare in the grocery. Now, Sean Carroll does laundry your. Okay. That's good. I'm sure she'd she to do it. Right. Landon does the recycling. Oh, right. We asked to like it into a major argument for him to take out the recycle bin like data. I'm an all star..

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