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Tomorrow on the every once in a while. We'd like to play a little contest. Take on paul and mark battle of the sexes and once that crushing defeat has been smeared. All over your body. Then you gotta take on. Chris boyer versus the team. A rough update. Home bringing ought magellan. There's either a little scary. To tell a lot of trivia. Like i gotta start and on my game and i'm not always there you camera ready for thursday. I'm not already ready on wednesday. But i will be for thursday always worth our meetings earlier. This week about Cameras and lighting. And all that other show. I got the hell out here. I wanted nothing to do with that. Oughta go back. And they said right doesn't work. Thanks by didn't work thing go anywhere. It's not easy now. Simulcasts that we do with k. u. s. i. on mornings probably looks like magnificent fun easygoing thoroughly entertaining tv right. That's what designed to look like over here on this side. It's hard work baby. You'll never know a lot of blood sweat and tears but it looks like it's just like riding a bike that's supposed to look all free entertainment Well that's tomorrow at seven forty hemley lauren. Taken on who on mark yes. What things did we do today. Here remember when virgin bachelor colton scaled the wall like king kong and ran off into the dark turns out he has run away from all the girls because he's gay they got cooties girl cooties. None of those. That brought up the topic of heather on his season who appeared on our show and she had her first kiss with him the in her very first one that led to the discussion my first kittens of great with greater donovan. And how horrible. It was because of him. Not at all because of me. He was a disaster. You're blaming it on him. Even though would never kissed anyone he don't do like i knew it was wrong. This is not. How do you even though you'd never kissed anyone. There was no moment where you like. This isn't all like i imagined it. No no there's a scene. I don't know if you remember it. It's awful in the second terminator movie. This is the one we're linda. Hamilton is in the insane asylum and the creepy insane asylum. Guard comes in to check on her. And she's supposed to be all drugged zoned out Restrained in her looney bin in the nervous hospital and he just gets faced on real close to her and they do this extreme. Close up the two of them were their face and then he just licks her face and they'd actor who played that role. His name is jonathan. Do you think possibly be your jonathan. He absolutely would fit that role. Perfect there's talking was all over your face in the mouth out of the mouth cheeks ring of slobber on my face not correct and you push them away yeah it was just instinct your girls you grab your your your posse. He's the congress to give him a little. Snap aussie on the move. Let's find the next boy. Who was the next boy that she kissed. You can't remember. They ought to started coming in after so after the first one so so back to this heather who we had on the show. Do you think it ruined her. First kiss to find out that this guy's gay that ruin her first kiss probably left them can mark on it first kisses important for a girl right or do you remember your first kiss now. Shocking could be. He hasn't had yet likely. I feel like i did maguire again. I feel like that's what it would be like. You made more. I feel like kissing. Jonathan is kissing boyer boyer and jonathan have the same. Make out tech. Do what your technique imagine. You are making out right now with the first off kind of technique. There's no over salvation. That happens because that's really disgusting. You don't go for that. Now you gotta go in. You want to go in pretty dry dry dry tongue all dry tongue. Is that what you want. Sarah want old dry. Can't think that's worse. i'm okay. I'm gonna put my tongue between your lips but not not dry crusty tongue great. So he's gonna bring his old writing for you. Would you rather have dried hung or slobber man. Jonathan lebron donna. Then oh man. Technique didn't solid chris. more press. okay do bad particular music. You're gonna put on the background for this. Make out session to try presser by little you all over exile days. What else has happened. chris. Bora will never be a snake handler. At the san diego zoo was offered a million dollars to do it for one day and He's so well heeled he said no thanks. Don't need it. i'll he told us about the man or the woman who was bitten at some point on sunday by an african bush fiber which they have no anti venom for Ah so sorry man. so they're treating for like appendicitis or something like that instead it be old. What does it just thank you. Okay what else dave. At some point. You tried to do some baseball math and that was just a terrible idea. Sure was can't stop myself and we heard from listener. Laura who got a call from her daughter who was crying in very distraught. A guy grabbed the phone and said that He was a policeman he had arrested her for witnessing and try and deal than his story totally changed and said that he was holding her basically hostage for money. Luckily lewis has been called the daughter who answered her phone and was totally fine and it turns out. This is a total scam. That happens a lot. We have a lot of listeners who had similar story so do family passcode secret word. We had like half a dozen. Maybe a dozen different people writing calling tell us same thing happened to them family secret word. That's a great idea. I can just imagine my girls fighting over the what the secret word would be and they no longer carrying and forgetting it as when i call all tyrian panicky that i'm being kidnapped for real the last week. What the secret word is save debt. Now sorry by imposter nice to know in yet david. What if they had a secret word meeting. And i wasn't included in the meeting so i could see that happening. I could totally see that. Hate going to meetings. So that's do. I have to blame. What else at seven forty was time for round two of the siblings band quiz with the good morning. San diego koa. I showed up to play. I think every single one way they did so then it was our turn to take over and finish around to prevent a boyer from creeping up. Even further on evans asked in the five dollar quiz. Standings yes thank you thanks to a listener for pointing out the fact. That boyer was wrong again when he claimed the yoke of an egg is the chicken but even though he was fact checked he had to fact. Check the fact checker to prove that. He didn't back get his fax wrong. Well.

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