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I'm Rick Fantasize editing the news this afternoon. Jeremy Greater The Supreme Court nominee to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg is meeting with senators for a second day Amy Cockney. Barrett spoke with Lindsey Graham about her upcoming Senate confirmation hearing. Graham said. It'll be challenging but fair and respectful. The Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office says searchers found a Vancouver teen who disappeared after going on a hike with family near Mount ST Helens, Anthony Mann Couso was discovered in a tree the team telling searchers that he lost his footing at the edge of a hilltop and fell down the hill. A presidential debate. Unlike any other we might remember. This is a transaction court is not going to give a little love ended this segment. We're gonna move on to the second segment that was really productive Segment one. Keep yapping that Philip Bump, was watching closely for the Washington Post and spoke with Como's Bill O'Neill. Philip. I've heard words such as Disappointment, Shock Horror discussed frustration from Republicans and Democrats alike were watching. How did we get here? Well, I think fundamentally, we got here because President Trump Sort of prize himself on breaking the norms and the expectations of what people see from the president from a political candidate. Uh, it seems pretty clear that he came into the debate with the strategy of trying to drown out both his opponent Joe Biden and the moderator, and I think that As a strategy that was effective. He was able to drown them out. I'm not sure it actually did him any good. Politically, however, Trump was trump to be sure you'd Biden did seem to take the bait a little bit. Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I think that Biden over the course of the campaign has to some extent, tried to respond in kind to trump at time. I think that that is, in part, a response to Democrats eager to have someone engaged in a fight with President Trump. I think the former vice president tried to find a balance there. I'm not sure Whether or not it works, but it certainly was the case that between the two of them the criticisms that I've heard and pulling after the fact suggests that Trump came off looking worse in the eyes of yours, there's an almost universal throwing of hands in the air after what happened last night. There are very few undecideds out there, according to the polls. Is there any point in even having these two go at it again? There is a reason to do it, which is fundamentally that this is part of the process. And I think that giving up on the debate that sort of giving up on any semblance of the election as we might expect it and it also just some extent, I think President Trump. You have gotten away with breaking the rules that he himself had agreed to. I'm not sure there was a way to Monterey that debate effectively. I'm not sure there was a way to make it actually really debate about substance policy. But you know, I don't have to do it here. The idea that we should just therefore give up on debate. You know, I think it was instructive in some way, regardless of how difficult it might have been one of Christmases role here. Does he shoulder any blame for any of this? And what can the next moderator do to make this a little better? I think there's some faulty Chris Wallace. I mean, I think he was a little slow to recognize what was happening. And so President Trump was Was able to sort of get away with breaking the rules that he'd agreed to more than he was later in the debate. Is there a way to do this effectively? I don't know. I really don't. I mean, I think that Over time, The president will realize that this was not necessarily a particularly effective strategy that he really he really missed a chance to reshape the race. To some extent, so it's quite possible that he may moderate himself. But you know That's been something that's been dead for five years now and hasn't necessarily manifested. So we'll see. All of that said, Well, what happened last night put more of a spotlight on the vice presidential debate. Where it seems many people are hoping for a much more substantive discussion anyway. Yeah, I think I think it's almost certainly going to be the case that would be a much more normal style debate. Simply by virtue of the fact that both vice president Pence since in there Harris are fairly regular politicians. I think we can start expecting to see a debate of the sort that we're used to seeing. But, you know, vice presidential base are rarely the spotlight that marquee item from a campaign, you know, save some dramatic incident like in 1988. The Democratic vice presidential candidate has had a massive zinger against men who would become vice president. Barring that, you know, it just simply isn't the same level of steaks. So you know, even if it is a more normal debate, people tune in. It just isn't quite the same thing. That's national correspondent Philip Bump read more online in washingtonpost dot com. And that's come was Bill O'Neill Washington Congress Woman wants to know how we can close the so called digital divide. If we have no idea which communities enjoy broadband Internet service in which do not Fifth District Republican Cathy McMorris, Rodgers says the only broadband service map she's ever seen was wildly inaccurate. And Matt showed 100% of Spokane County covered you go 15 20 Miles out the spoken. They have no nothing. They do not have a wireless connection. They have broadband. They have nothing. McMorris Rodgers spoke to the Webcast Washingtonpost lives, saying the pandemic has made it even more urgent to connect the entire country to high speed..

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