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Everything that's going on. Tell us about what the complaint says about that. I think the assertion in the whistleblower complaint or at least the implication is that the new Ukrainian the government starting to feel that it was under pressure to cooperate with president trump and his political aspirations to find damaging information that would help him in two thousand twenty and they were starting to get signals that the weight of the US government might be brought down upon them or certainly that they would they would please as president trump if they were more cooperative in this effort to get to the bottom of what Ukraine didn't didn't do in two thousand sixteen and then not long after all oh this is going on in July. The report says that military aid to Ukraine is put on pause and then this is on in the appendix on page two it it says it on July eighteenth the whistle blower talks about how earlier that month government officials had been instructed to withhold security assistance to Ukraine and and the whistleblower notes that in some internal meetings it emerges that the direction came quote directly from the President Right right in this I think is one of the more explosive parts of the whistle blower complaint because it flushes out that the president suspended congressionally eh authorized a military aid to Ukraine in July and it creates the impression that the Ukrainians no the aid has been suspended spended and it creates a source of leverage over the new Ukrainian government because they want this money and they are wondering what do we need to get released least and then in that context the president has the conversation with the new president of Ukraine. Why is military aid for Ukraine so important well so so the problem for Ukraine has been an ongoing one which is that it feels under pressure and even under threat from Russia both politically economically weekly but also militarily and to make sure that they can resist efforts by either Russia or Russian backed Ukrainian forces yet get wants help to make sure that it can rebuff those threats in defend itself if necessary so this is from the Ukrainian point of view an existential question not a small one. It's after this money is withheld that on July twenty fifth president trump and Vladimir Zielinski. Get the phone and on that call trump. I brings up how the United States has been very very good to Ukraine Zilenski. Thanks the president and mentions military supplies that he'd like to get it from the United States. It's after this that the president asks for a favor he talks about the twenty sixteen election and then brings up Biden in suggests alinsky and the Ukrainian government look into both he also says that Zilenski should connect with Rudy Giuliani and with Attorney General L. Bill Bar to get to the bottom of it but one of the biggest allegations in the whistleblower complaint is about what happens once they hang up doc. That's after the break..

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