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Kidnapping captivated the nation is speaking out for the first time here's more from abc's lindsey janice elizabeth thomas telling the editor of the columbia daily herald she wants to talk saying there's much speculation about me i am a human being i can answer things fairly it was march thirteen twin thomas disappeared with fifty year old high school science teacher tad comments planned this for some time before disappearing with elizabeth the pair theme soon after on surveillance cameras in oklahoma city walmart their hair colors dramatically changed reports surfacing debt commons head research to online age of consent and how to mary eighteen come into wife of thirty one years filing for divorce trading per family never losing hope please please come home please lewis after thirty nine days on the run the pair ending up at a remote cabin in california two thousand miles away with no electricity and no running water after briefly spending time in a commune three in her she said they were eating flowers and things prosecutors say commons swath license plates disabled his car's gps used backup roads and only cast to evade authorities he's currently facing federal and state charges now thomas opening up about her kidnapping cher that she spent the first seventy eight days after returning in therapy saying that her outfit of pajamas is what i wear most of the time and that there's been a lot of rumors about me i'd like to clear up that declining to talk about her former teachers pending case when asked if she had regrets about leaving town with her high school teacher she said i don't regret it nor do i say it was the right thing to do it was an experience i'll have to live with the rest of my life it's good and it's bad it stare elizabeth says she is now living with her brother spends her time babysitting and studying at home she hopes to become a medical examiner sunday as for its had come our former teacher is in jail awaiting trial on charges of kidnapping his pleaded not guilty that is abc's lindsey janice be careful what.

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