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Enough second and and look at the results when it's over say score out of sick go on lovin law in the last race i'm not i'm not gonna have that one. I mean i guess the drop thing. Exteriors dropping class could take your head up but i don't don't think i'm going to have that. Maybe all <hes> so but the short if you've put in a decent size picket picket with with if you believed in if you believe in <hes> do pri- as a single which could have easily done <hes> and then i thought that the i thought the first race was really tough. I sprayed and <hes> and actually caught caught the winner. There was a shadowy <hes> like six seventy one seventy one. I think yes <hes> and helped endow times of change question seven. The one in the two year old may add that was it was a maiden claimer though that was that was that was that was a you. I know that was a miscellany kind of rice true. What was raised. <hes> listens dampers neighbors. I went six seven in their abilene trail <hes> but danvers that have been assumed though on yup measure cut biggest keeping it. She goes on up. <hes> i missed i missed seven <hes> gorgeous charlie charlie and that won't be used. I mean i it's that race. You know i had <hes> i had the leader in the stretch on maniacal pass along with taking the lead and it starts. We've got it here and couldn't hang on <hes> gorgeous charlie. Are we back where i've had this one. How would i had this. One yeah again mama's park. Aren't you know get off way off air. It's only our frings for me. A seven-year-old by <hes> and you know we had a great percentage of the chris aside the meat. Yeah you could have my point being that it was a great payoff on a day when the fields were not huge because of scratches could've gone all a couple of weeks for at twenty cents. A pop wouldn't have killed. You wouldn't have been a massive ticket. Were the mandatory payout. There was the day where you you could've you could've taken shot especially. If you had no money in the poverty well painting his plane place for everybody. Yeah i completely agree and are mentioned our friend. Steve carlin steve had an amazing weekend because he's part of team valor and so- aleksandras we're in in the in the sprint steak he was there for that and then he comes back and he eats for twelve and a half and i i haven't heard a whole ticket but i know he singled blue prize and the all button in the tenth you could also hit the all button you mentioned gorgeous charlie you could have singled mrs danvers and hit the all button with those five horses sources and i got to tell you the race that we were in with carlisle bell the starter allowance we talk all the time about nobody lays this out out better than eddie surly and the way races get off the turf for those that i understand why people bet righteous righteous ruby and pecan patty as the favorites however jen emily the winner was loan speed. You looked at that race and on whether you use time form u._s. At pace projector or whether you use the pace page the the form page the thera- graph offers jen. Emily had a boat you or or well even well yes because there were there were two horses. Listen we're in the race so gary and i and benji hernandez. You're talking about you know what we do in here and you know is there enough speed right and they ended up going around one-two-three basically together that horse that that that missed the break kathy nass that horse might might have added to the pace a little bit but anyway jen. Emily goes off at six to one and she she was loan speed at seven furlongs alongs..

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