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We'll review your tax situation we'll have our state attorney review your wills trusts basically be certain that your estate plan is not an IOU. To the, Internal, Revenue Service but lastly we're going to look at all of your investment statements regardless of where their custody whether, it's with an insurance company a Bank brokerage. Firm or. Another RIA what we want you to do is take all those statements as they come in. A shopping bag, throw, them in and make an appointment we'll do all the work what we want you to do is, be able to compare apples to apples the see if your. Portfolio has the three key elements of a successful strategy as diversification fees and income not all portfolio, diversified, most of you are taking more risk than necessary To. Achieve your financial goals why take, more risks when you don't. Need to, a lot of portfolios are overcharging you you want to be certain that. You're not paying any more fees unnecessary yes. Is Ryan says there's a lot of hidden costs, in those portfolios let's pull back the. Curtain and make sure you're. Getting what you're paying for and lastly we retire, or if you're in retirement you know there's two goals in retirement yet retired and the. Stay retired, and in most cases there's a gap in income that has to be filled we, want to be certain that you, had the cash flow to support the. Lifestyle and to achieve the dreams and goals that you and your family of set out for and, lastly we wanna tie it all together. And be certain that you. Have a portfolio where you're going to outlive your money your money's not gonna..

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