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Checks and balances. What the Supreme Court is all about. This hearing is over. Why hold this hearing? A lot of people on our side, say, just ram it through. I hear that a lot as why don't listen to the radio much anymore, So the bottom line is, I think it's important. This is a lifetime appointment. I would like the world and the country to know more about Judge Barrett. I'm proud of you. And we're proud of what you've accomplished. Thank your great choice by the president. This is probably not about persuading each other unless something really dramatic happens. All Republicans will vote yes, and all Democrats will vote. No. And that will be the way the break out of the vote. The hearing is a chance for Democrats. To dig deep into her philosophy. Appropriately ask her about the law. How she would be different. What's on her mind. Gives Republicans the chance to do the same thing. Most importantly, it gives you a chance. The American people To find out About Judge Barry Judge for yourself is this The part is this person qualified? Is she is qualified is so tomorrow and Kegan, I think so. These were two nominees presented to the committee by President Obama. They had a different legal philosophy than my own. But I never doubted one moment that they were not qualified. I thought Gorsuch and Cavanaugh were qualified. The Senate in the past has looked at qualifications more than anything else live right now, on the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing to consider President Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court Judge Amy Cockney Barrett, You're hearing committee chairman right now Republican Senator Lindsey Graham. I hope we don't take that path with you. Judge Barry She doesn't deserve that. I don't think it makes This hearing. Any better. American people believe Would not deserve a repeat of those episodes. And the Senate Judiciary Committee is history. To my Democratic colleagues. I respect you all. We've done some things together, and we've had some fights in this committee. I've tried to give you the time you need to make your case. And you have I'll be right in the world to make your case. I think I know how the vote's going to come out. But I think Judge Is required for the good of the nation to submit your questions in hours. This is gonna be a long, contentious week. I would just ask one thing of the committee. To the extent possible. Let's make it respectful. Let's make it challenging. Let's remember the world is watching. Senator Feinstein. Now the ranking man. Thanks very much. Mr Chairman, and I do I just address your last statement. We feel the same way and I believe we want this to be. Ah, very good hearing. And I certainly will strive to do my best to achieve that. Good morning, Judge Barrett and welcome to you and your family. Less than one month ago, the nation lost one of our leading voices for equality. Ruth Bader Ginsburg left very big shoes to fill. Judge Ginsberg Love the law and she loved this country. She worked all of her life to ensure that the opening words of our Constitution we, the people of the United States in order to form a more perfect union. Included all the people, not just a few, A late few. She was a standard bearer for justice. Justice. Ginsburg's nomination was the first one That I participated in when I came to the Senate. And it was a really thrill to be part of that crowded in celebratory hearing for someone who had broken down barriers and reopened doors and staunchly believed in a woman's right to full equality and autonomy. And filling Judge Ginsberg seat. The stakes are extraordinarily high for the American people, both in the short term and for decades to come. Most importantly, healthcare coverage for millions of Americans is at stake with this nomination. So over the course of these hearings, my colleagues and I will focus on that subject. We will examine the consequences. If, and that's a big if Republicans succeed in rushing this nomination through the Senate before the next president takes office, But most importantly, In just a few weeks. On November 10th. The Supreme Court will hear hearings in Texas. The California A case brought to strike down the American, the The president has promised to appoint justices who will vote to dismantle that law. As a candidate. He criticized the Supreme Court for upholding the law and said, and I quote if I win the presidency, my judicial appointments will do the right thing. Unlike Bushes appointee John Roberts on Obamacare End quote. And when he appointed Judge Barrett to fill Justice Ginsburg seat, the president said that eliminating the affordable care act would be quote a big win for the Yusa. Judge Barat. You've been critical of Chief Justice Roberts for his 54 opinion upholding the law stating that Robert's quote pushed the affordable care act. Beyond. It's plausible meaning to save the statute and quote This well could mean that if Judge Barrett is confirmed American stand toe lose the benefits that the provide, so I hope you will clarify that. In this hearing your listening live right now on the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing to consider President Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court Judge Amy Cockney Barrett, right, now ranking Democratic member of that committee, California Senator Dianne Feinstein denied coverage. Or charged more to obtain health insurance. This includes more than 16.8 million Californians with pre existing conditions and we're just one state. But I think you should should know how we feel. Secondly, some 12 million working Americans are covered through the Medicaid expansion. If the act is struck down, they lose their health care..

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