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At deserve conversations i've had and one of the things i said to my kids as you now i said it's not fair to me it really isn't because i go out and work at all day long and then i come home and the dog as a seizure five am it's not fair to the person that has to do that well but muster the door was up a rare though it's not fair to me i'm tired of looking at talking about ad is please show me some respect endurance okay now i know that other and a half i mean like so i would like to get on to my next book i don't want to have another sock based conversation lob la la that right that is not going to get any traction but the dog will and so but here's the problem you know this is true yes your so here's the problem when you say it's daddy say this style that the dogs going to die they don't believe you they don't really here you are and lately eyebrows at here's some but there's were my experience personalizes i've been i've been lately say hey we have dumps on every homeless encampments with overrun by rodin's bureau typhus is endemic in this town if you expand that road we are going to have a fucking epidemic amir i typhus or maybe even plague all rodents flee bet vectorborne moving out of these encampments and people are like iter um which argument how do you know comes from there is like no no no i've just explained you this it has to happen that we just math gigantic road and pool real sanitation problems mirai typhus is endemic it's going to be ah in the fleece as those we are going to go into your house yeah that's that ramses going to get your ready yet right b thereby said all type people here they have none at a unita it was there you'll say you don't add to be fair don't really know they you don't i you know it's a weird thing drew because it's interesting when you say.

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