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That apparently if bitcoin or when i guess bitcoin crafts crosses like in the early seventy thousand range. I don't remember it was like seventy three or seventy five thousand but like once. Bitcoin gets through seventy five thousand dollars. Bitcoins market cap will have exceeded the market cap of silver nice. Well that's pretty big in fact. Bitcoin market cap also. Believe if it's not bitcoin it might be all of crypto but i'll have to double check this. I think it's just bitcoin. It is i believe now the thirteenth largest money on the planet. Like if you look at all the government monies out there. I think it just like exceeded sweden as far as the krona. Or whatever it is that they've they've got over there the value the the market cap of how that that government money. We talked about this. This plan by facebook to launch a crypto currency goes. Remember a couple years ago there was like twenty nineteen well. They're launching a digital currency. That's about all we know. Yeah it's changed form in a few different ways. Since they first announced it originally it was going to be like this consortium of corporations that was going to come together to still make it quote unquote decentralized but it was still run by a bunch of corporate entities so like whether or not it's actually cryptographic lee secure and decentralized. I don't really know what the current structure of it is but regardless facebook wants to do this thing and they made the mistake of coming out and announcing it in advance and saying look. We're doing this thing. We're gonna come out with this thing. And they needed investors so they they didn't need investor they wanted investors. Yeah and they will. They already had some people laying you know that they talked to privately. It didn't have to make a public announcement about it. But they did and how it would have gone over facebook and pay pal and visa in all of these other companies. Just having secret dark dark room. Communications about smoking cigars would have. It probably would have leaked out at some point but if they hadn't announced it than they could've just released it and then they wouldn't have had to go through this. You know horrific governmental process that they have to go through. I mean look. I don't feel bad about anything. Facebook has to do but at the same time. I also don't like the idea of government standing in the way of anybody doing whatever they wanna do. I called yesterday. Update you on the executive council fiasco where they arrested all those people and you answer. You mean the the completely like peaceful people who weren't even really protesting in any meaningful way. They went up and arrested two people who are sitting down during this public executive council meeting where they were going to potentially approve. Twenty seven million dollars from the federal government in co vid stimulus money or whatever that was going to be used if they accepted it to pimp the vaccine..

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