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Had was are our great production team here managed to cobble together what they could with two cell phones my cell phone and and john's one of our other producers they they had to use this the android and samsung cell phones do that by the way they had to throw that in there because it gave us a chance but anyway they they did that so they did a great job and we're proud of them as always for the work they they did at the i'm mean doing crunch sounds a matter of fact we didn't make it anywhere for the first segment of the first hour and so a lot of people are dropped out we were having technical difficulties or are was traveling or something but the fact of the matter is we did get up and running live on those i is for all of you that missed but next time if that ever happens we had some major storms coming through on sunday night we lost power at home but we had our internet i got to the studio we had power no internet but so we we the power came more twelve thirty eastern time about a half hour after we went off the air so things back to normal so anyway we look at these things and democrats continue to struggle to make any sense of it they're just so frustrated this president has done more and his presidency than most presidents in eight years of return i mean it is absolutely incredible and look you know i said i made a joke on election night i said somebody called me to be on the air and they asked me about pennsylvania was eleven o'clock at night you think he's gonna win pennsylvania and all i could say was all i look i can just say this if he wins pennsylvania we that will be our final piece of confirmation that this is the man that god is going to use to start to turn things around because you know republicans just can't win pennsylvania anyone pennsylvania maybe it's confirmation that god is using another crooked stick as he has done all through scripture as he indicate to do his work so some incredible incredible things happening with this president with a great secretary of state the pace in which it.

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