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Again, that's two three and me dot com slash laces yourself now, I probably thought this through, but I actually took Mike Tomlin. And I know you both played for him. But in the fourth quarter now this could be because it had the Pittsburgh Steelers as my survivor pick. But in the fourth quarter again, you're out. Well, now two of us had the Steelers one percent the patriots. Oh, we all lost. So we're all back in. So the raiders are down. The raiders were down twenty one seventeen. It was I down for the raiders on the seven yard line. Pittsburgh Steelers had two timeouts raiders right up the middle for one yard with one fifteen left. So second six on the six and Tomlin didn't call any of his time outs. So the next play got ran with thirty seconds and the raiders talk. They had time was an issue because they knew that three more place to get the ball in the end zone, and they weren't necessarily going to run the ball. So it's not like he had to save. The time outs for that. They were passing because they had to get the end zone. So I thought it was kind of a crazy move Tom only two timeouts not call one there with one fifteen left on second goal next to passes ring completes. He would have had the clock stopped anyway. And getting the ball back with fifteen seconds left. And you know, having to go down field with one time out the Steelers could have had a minute minute fifteen left. I was I have the ficials Sunday dummy of the week, which I still don't understand. I think I misunderstood it. It's that dumb. But the Cleveland Browns took an extra. Point off the board to gain five yards on the kickoff. Like they there was off sides who the Browns plant Panthers. Yeah. So the Panthers went off sides on an extra point the extra point went through. You must have the option then of taking that five yard penalty enforcing it on these doing kickoff. If you do that you have to Rekic that's what it does do missed the extra point on the zoo to to do that for five yards. When people are missing points to a. That was highs. I'm probably yeah. High ridiculous. That was that was real for five yards. You take a point off the board for five yards an end of game thing. What those game? No, okay. No. I happened to it was twenty six twenty two point. I thought somehow misunderstood what happened. Sure because who would ever choose to take five hours over the point a weird. We'll be back to the kicker for Steelers. Chris boswell? I mean, you get the game the title game to do your job. You can't slip extension. Right. He did pro bowler. Yeah. I mean, even though this year. Don, I mean slip. You can't slip another field goal earlier in the game. That's the point you missed one. You got to deliver this, and he just missed it. And I was almost that heat up my mind, I'm still going to go back to go back to the patriots here. Taking out Devin mccourty for Robert house-key. That's one of those. I was like take any other guy out put your best coup. Keep your best corner in the game as sub anybody else out on that defense for to be in there. But keep your keep your safeties. Keep your Cornerbacks in the game in that position, regardless. I get it. If it was the hail Mary because gronk so big but fair also, but you could take somebody else out still still insert gronk there. What do is there any? I thought a little bit. I thought they weren't gonna kick the field goal for a minute. Because it's like there was ten seconds. Give the give the dolphins ball the five. I don't know if that would've made a difference or not, I don't I don't mind main reason. So I wasn't watching it. I saw the celebration..

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