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Makes sense. I want to watch this. I mean is that once you get what you get there. You're like all right. i'm in are you. did you got me. Yeah yes okay. Yes i'm gonna watch annabel annabel's reaction yes in that order in that order. Yes because even though technically like it's the prequel so you could watch creation. I it's more satisfying when you see the reveal and you know the answer to the question already. You're like oh you know the answer anyway. 'cause i mean i mean it's the casting of this is what chose this. What am i gonna do like breakdown. The conjuring universe with no spoilers and be like thing happens and you should see that thing because it relates to another thing good good insight some good insight so then in two thousand eighteen we get to the none now. Guess what none is a prequel to annabel creation. The none happens this yes and this is the thing with the country and it does the letters going backwards. So this is like this. Isn't it started with episode Exactly exactly and you're like i don't understand what's going on and like to see all the movies just see everything we put out and it will kind of make sense and you're like all right. Yes the non. Most of the non takes place in nineteen fifty two. I mean some of the non takes place in in the middle ages. So i mean talk about a prequel. You're not going to get much back much further than that. But yes the none is in one thousand nine hundred eighty two making it a prequel to nfl creation which ended in nineteen fifty five or so which was a prequel to annabel which is nineteen sixty seven which is a prequel to the conjuring nine hundred seventy one. Which has a sequel called the conjuring to in nineteen seventy seven. Which is why when you think about it because this is one thousand nine hundred fifty two all of this stuff that i'm telling you happens over the course of about twenty five years. I mean that's a lot of game and stuff to be happening over the course of twenty five years. That's crazy but basically the non. There's this weird Monasteries that what they're called monastery mon- yeah modest modest modest monastry. So what's monastery monastery said wrong. Okay could mean. It's it's like monetary except you added a letter in england. Monastery monastery it again on the one butchering the american language. So i mean it's a monitoring romania so i would think that they probably go with your pronunciation more than mine. I think so. Yeah what kind of monastery is this. What haunted haunted. That's what kind of man that's kind of monitoring is so. Let me tell you how this monster came about. So what happens. Is this This this spot has existed since the middle ages and basically This guy obsessed with the occult and satanism and all this stuff he is able to take this. This spot that he's built. It's not a monster yet. But he's able to take he built it as the middle ages and he actually makes a gateway portal to hell and he gets there and he gets the gateway portal. And he's like he looks down to halley's like you're welcome to come up and this demon named valich comes up from hell and the church finds out about this and they're like this is insane like you can't have a gateway to hell here so what they do is they try to fix everything they clear everything away right they seal everything up. They actually get and this is a. This is a good thing to get when you're trying to fight demons. Some of jesus christ's legit shoot blood shoot. Jesus christ blood they have it in like a little glass thing and they're able to get it and i mean it's one thing to have holy water but when you have the blood of the literal blood of christ you fight anything and they do. And they're able to use that to get valich back down to hell and to seal up the that's how powerful this stuff is. And then now that that sealed up they build a monastery around it. So it's surrounded by jesus and god and nuns and it's right and it's like in romania like its its way off into the forest. It's real hard to get to you. Know like there's a delivery guy. The delivers their food. Like once a week or something like that. But that's pretty much they get no visitors. The nuns hang out there silently. Not doing anything except making sure. That valich doesn't come back from this gateway to hell. Did they closed up with the blood of christ. Does this make sense so for mike sense. Okay now unfortunately for them world war happened. You heard about world war two right terrible time terrible time. The germans were dropping bombs. Germans dropped a bomb near the monastery. What is it do shakes the foundation. Guess what opens up on accident portal. The hell they accidentally opened up a portal to hell. And it's like this is going to be a toughie. This is going to be a toughie because before they know it valid is back out and valid starch just wreaking havoc over these nuns. He's killing all the nuns. He's he's possessing them and killing all the nuns and one nunn decides that she can't. She can't do this she can't put up with it anymore. Instead of being possessed she decides to kill herself. The delivery man shows up at this monastery sees a non hanging by the neck dad in front of the monastery he goes. This is very typical for a monastery. So he gets the hell out of there and he's right the hell out of there and you know he calls the church and the vatican or whatever he calls and says like you gotta get somebody over here. There's crazy stuff happening. So that again sends a specialist over. Who deals with with demons and stuff like that. It's like you know. I want to say he's a priest but he's like you know he deals with demons. He's he's like if somebody's gonna take care of of of a demon from hell. It'll be this guy we'll send you over. You'll do the thing and with him. He brings Anonymous training which is actually. She's played by the sister of Vera for miya who plays lorraine warren although there is no connection between the character is this just in real life. They're sisters just an interesting thing also they kind of look alike. Which makes you think maybe there is a connection but there is not a connection so don't abused by that but they realized pretty quickly that all the nuns in their possessed is a very very very very haunted monastery and that all the nuns are possessed and they are really going to have to get this valid character Back down to hell because that's basically the none that we see everywhere is valid and the reason that he's done is because of this monastery that he's been living in the portal is is under so there's lots of there's lots of haunting in lots of fightings at one point. The real real creepy thing is that they show. And i don't know if this is real life or not but they show that there's like a cemetery and it's got bells at the tombstones in like a string and now like what what are these bells for. And they said well back in the day when before had like a heart rate monitor or whatever when they were like this guy is almost definitely dead.

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