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Welcome to absolute at the show guaranteed to shorten your path to success we talked to amazing entrepreneurs and leaders at the top of their game and give you the tools to develop the advantage lead succeed and make a difference now here's your host successful entrepreneur investor and master connector kelly hatfield welcome everyone i'm kelly hatfield and as always on this show we aim to bring you strategies and insights that will shorten your path to success our goal is that your walkaway with at least one tip ideas strategy insight that inspires you to take action in your professional her and or your personal life so that's the key here everybody i really want you to make sure that you're listening to this from the perspective abreu you're looking to walk away with something that you can apply and take action on so so i'm so excited to introduce you to john mitchell john mitchell's 12minute a day think it be at technique is recognised today as the top practical application in the world of the legendary book think and grow rich which i'm sure many of you listening have read and if you haven't you need to pick it up and read it applying this book to his own life caused his annual income to go up from the low six figures to over five million a year this technique also allowed him to meet the love of his life in his fifties john's technique doubles your control of yourself triples your personal growth and focus every day on what moves the needle in your career the science behind his technique was profiled in a time magazine cover story today john teaches his 12minute day technique at the university of texas at austin as if the faculty member at the mccombs school of business one of the top rated business schools in the country so as you all just heard we.

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