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Wait list. Michael is jamming out to that song. Oh, baby. Did again, I'll do back, but the. You did it so good. Yeah. You actually now. He's all jealous eastern got it. So he's going to replay that. The opening tune. I'm more of like. Oh, you look my hair just bought it or. Not like that. Thank you. It's all right. I like my hair she thinks just bought it a one, you don't know guy me. Like, I remember that one. Okay. Things at one. And the things that are are are you guys didn't have the platelets going this. No, he just likes that one time. He's been like jamming too. So Mike sensing Ariana Guerande I've been walking around just like super hyper this morning, so happy Monday, leaders and gentlemen this. This is super exciting. Hey, but I really want to get into something. Because it's been on the news. It's been a topic of conversation. And I really wanted to bait it with all of you guys that was going to be my question to really. Yeah. Okay. So Honey, I know you've been dead to the world for the past couple of weeks because he had that awful told. Still. Lemon. They're still getting over it. Thanks very much. I can tell I can hear it. So basically. Did you hear any of the news going on about Felicity Huffman in the law? Fly. Who Felicity Huffman? Laurie Laughlin were arrested. Louis, but the Queen of hallmark and anti so Laurie Laughlin got arrested record for a and Felicity Huffman. Basically the FBI raided their house and arrested her moving not really. But there was like a huge investigation because of the college teams seems holiday scams scheme. Shame. David. I got really until case. So why don't you give the background since you have all the the may story short? There was a man who was running like an underground scheme where shame. She really. The rich people. Where really really like not even like rich. But like major company exacts and CEO's, and like, obviously these actresses people with a lot of money were paying him. So that he could ensure that their children got into Yale Harvard USC, northwestern, George all these major universities folk scholarships yet on actually office. Yeah. And and and also like, Felicity Huffman paid I think it was fifty thousand for a better. So he had someone in like into the commute into the college. He had like ten people around the country who would go take the test for your kids. But like I mean, some of these people were paying half a million dollars some- somebody paid a million. I know it's like dollar, really. I mean, I was watching this thing and they're like holy blue collar crime. And I'm like, yeah. But like that's a lot of money. Okay. So I'm onto is that what you're at because I'm like, I don't have kids. So I know there's used to be like, oh, but you would do anything for your kids. And so that's. Like, what's the extent? I have two very different sides to this. And everyone's like, oh, those rich spoiled kids. Yeah. Well, here's the deal. If you had the money to do it. Now, I I don't know which side I'm on two very different sides because I can see two different sides. The one side is well people pay for private school yachts giving your child's a life of you know, maybe better learning better quality of school better classrooms..

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