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This is Rick Borodin alley on February sixteenth nineteen sixty-nine. My parents, Bob and Pat Borodin L stood at the doors of Barati anymore. And greeted droves of friends. They filed through our doors, celebrating the official opening of our funeral home. We were founded to embrace the highest standards of caring and compassionate funeral service. Santa Fe's change in many ways since nineteen sixty-nine, but our dedication to quality. And compassionate service has never changed variety. Nellie family funeral service. Always here. Always compassionate, always reliable. I'm Rick hunger. You've heard the screamers you've heard the Shouters the haters the raiders. Well, now, it's time to listen to a real conversation a rational conversation now it's time for the Rick on your show, weekdays from four to six PM on talk twelve sixty and one zero three seven KT RC and streaming at Santa Fe dot com. Do you work for the state of New Mexico? Government. Did you know Krumbach provides copiers printers to the state of New Mexico? Here are three reasons you should choose Krumbach for your next copier upgrade, I show copiers of the number one brand on the market winning buyers lab two thousand nineteen copier line of the year. That means a better experience for you. And everyone in your office. Second comebacker service team is known state wide for its care expertise, responsiveness, and dependability. We help make it easier for you to do your job and.

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