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To see you tomorrow. But here's my story way so it just wasn't getting up so you just made plans with another you knew it was gonna get up You know what's crazy. I never really shared this pegged. We never fuck because he had coach dick and our so off. Because i don't you know manning's don't be doing coke. They just do fucking like tim. Blunts in a row code dick. I'm telling you now does not get a coke. Dick is like a little flash and little baby thing they just say they're so like impossible. I pegged this nigga all night long and then pegged them in the morning and his dick just didn't get up because of the coke. Do you have a different experience year. Like i've only done like i've only had sex with blackman have done cope with me. But he like he. He's an expert in doing so he definitely did a lot. Not like honor to lines like. Yeah now this nigga doing your all night and party party shaped like when i'm on my seven. Am shit like necas. Be doing cobra spot. So i yeah. He was like stomach heart now because it was his first time. And then like yeah. Yeah i go hold your breath the nigga the like and i think he was nervous because this was his first time being pegged. We had talked it out for so long. A new i was coming with the big body bitch so when i pegged him up a big body maybe he did extra lines of coke. Because that i didn't get fucked or the morning like a lot of people say that coke makes you crazy so a lot of nichols fucker hours. I mean his buddha hall was opening a bitch. I ain't gonna hold you ready for that that there have been times when it's like putting rock know when that's just the doing it doing it all all night and he's just like i can't even come but then sometimes he can't get it at all like you can't even get to that point so that's what it was on like molly or any kind of drug like that. Like hyper jug. i can never have an orgasm. See in mali bits. You remember that nigga in the car out after the club. Bitch i was i wanted some molly dig but coke did that shit. Don't do shit but is like hitting actually get hard coach dick. Don't get hard bro. I don't know how you get in hard coat. Dick maybe they slower and baking powder. 'cause bitch bef- last br it'd be fled. I don't know like bizarre. Anyway i will tell you since the all say. I'm bringing women scissors. Ucla party hard. Like we went to paris fucking coke and her and i fucked for like three hours and she was like bitch. I'm never gonna come and now starting to hurt. I was like me too. But i don't wanna stop which we had to get a barrier for the scissor in. That's how long we've been a bear. I write a and we're gonna leave off with one of the sexcapades sip and i have to know a story if you've done this sip if you've had sex with a staff member of a hotel or resort while staying there that's wild dr e you slurping hold on we. Who's the girl did working at the hotel right now. Always a spa by.

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