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And it was just such an integrated thing, you know, we we each unit fed each other and use the quote, unquote left. You know, it was engineered in such a way. So I was able to sell both leases to two different people within three weeks of each other. But it took about six months and the good news is I was able to sell them and bring down most of the debt and then. Have a blank canvas. But in terms of crying, I always used to say, you know, I'll mop the first floor here all mop the last sort of just saying it, and I remember the last day, and I'm not a cry or mopping the floor sobbing. Start crying again. And then two days later, I walked by and somebody had put a piece of paper on the front door, and the entire cry signed it saying how much they were gonna miss out. And I was. Bad, and I still see people. And and now, we smile, and I can tell they're looking at like, I'll get the double take. I think I know her usually it's the glasses. And I, you know, I'm like it's going lady low tape person, you know, you have nicknames for people or you know, what they ordered. And it's. Sitting here ball. That so hard. I think it's just hard to hear because everybody told me just a close Smith canteen. They're like, you're crazy. Even my account was like just close it. You're not making any money. What are you doing? But you're impacting a neighbourhood is what you're dealing. Yeah. And I felt sad to say goodbye to it. I really did. Because I'm miss it to you know, it is hard in our neighborhood to watch Smith street sort of just a little bit dying divine, and we talked about it. But when you care about a neighborhood, you have to support its local businesses, and you have to put your money where your value systems are. New York is so special and. It's special when you find places that you love, and you get attached to the people there, and I had to ask that stay with me, my executive sous-chef at Parker read started as my dishwasher the day opened. We had people at stay was his longtime and so viscerally. It's it's also you're breaking up a family. I I took people's jobs away from them, and I took so it was very difficult. You know, it was sad. And it was also PTSD that I didn't realize, you know, now, I see it. But like, the weather will change, and I instantly go to like do we kept it? I have enough prep dollar Palmer's are like an it's like a year later, and I still have a very physical. Relationship to like, I can still see every corner I can still remember the grid on the ice machine. Like, you just have a relationship with a building..

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