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Like lived in live in transition assistance right through to whether you want meal support at harvey cooking and if i can talk herman about a group that i think is undeserved his men with it disorders like i've seen from day one of recovered living opening i've had an explosion of enquiries and people taking up coaching who on men and i think partly because there is that stigma of men having eating disorders and so they don't wanna go to a therapist office but just the availability of being able to do it online i've had men not just for america all over the world who contact nian reached out and said hey i have an eating any disorder and not even my partners can we talk about it and like yeah we can talk about it and so i think the online pieces while it gives people the auction two i guess do the toll in the water without having to technical plunged like let's niches arkhan that conversation and and see what that looks like well i'm going to put a link to your site in the show notes of people can find you and definitely encourage everyone to check it out sounds like such a great organization and i'm so excited to to share this message with people and to have talk to you today it's really wonderful talking with you thank you i've had such a grand time talking about this because i think it's just it's something i wanna talk about more and safe and hugo conversation and i've thoroughly enjoyed with me too so that's our show thanks so much to christie amodio for joining us on this episode and thanks to you for listening if you've gotten something out of this podcast please help us reach more people who need to hear the anti diet message by sharing this episode on apple podcast i tuned or your favorite podcast platform sheringham on the.

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