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The two back in our wgtk studios in ferndale bigleague for the eagles you're the third quarter number four forty seven to nothing short pass to davis tucker across the left side that again a new quarterback who hit sim tanner barn dollar taking over to begin a quarter number four we're here it's a gain of a couple it's going to bring up fourth and seven to go was they will have to put it away is this the first time they punted i believe so is the first time they've potted and it's also the second completion of the year for burned dollar at a second try so a guy that has got much play got to feel good about the backup quarterback bite oster brown if you're bad us and get on the field in the third quarter so this is one of the loan times the clock will stop in this scenario was an officials time out i believe for injury as there is a and that was topped with at tom eichel said on the field all the way over here in the near trainer trotting over feige was a traitor at trainer came over from the medicine sidelined ahead of spread across the field maybe give some attention a rashard players so that's why the stop in the clock it a wind now the is driven takes a bounce at the forty five yard line going to roll back in bowling away from that is eric continues along return back for the pioneers so pretty good role as it moved back beyond the forty five yard line and mark to the forty one and the far hash and with some fifty six laughs gabriel shared on their last time out nearly at a ten minute drive kicked a field goal wide latin they'll come out there for the second time am here in the second half when i think one of our great sponsors be assent sports they outfit us here at the patriot not only us here at the.

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