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Dave Sims along with James lock in up markets and Westwood One crew went you could join us in the NFC championship game here in New Orleans congratulations to the colts maybe the jets in the AFC championship there in Super Bowl forty for the colts second time since two thousand six six twelve to go here in the second quarter we've got a fourteen all school res thanks to its rules rewrite incomplete mission I tried to get it to the right side what's gonna go car sideline reporter how bark is peeling here along side to the end for the New Orleans Saints defense of course will Smith and Bobby McCray and they are getting worn out by these two huge tackles the Minnesota Vikings conversely the Williams twins on the interior of the Viking line seem to be occupying space Pat Williams out of the game right now we're not trying to push the pocket as much of a concern thank you second down play Pierre Thomas is deep back in breeze through Minnesota on Saturday hopefully if your bike is very favorable it really does prove citing who is the guilty party is and here's Pete with his immense neutral zone infraction the office is closed for the Kevin Williams to five good yards for the New Orleans Saints fourteen fourteen six oh nine ago second quarter and not find an empty seat in the Louisiana Superdome everybody it's a ninety eight percent of the fans here in C. stores is the black jerseys those were not wearing a black jerseys wearing a White Rose jurors say smattering of Viking fans around the building but many six two nine to go here's a second man in five respected throw he's got time to close up the back food it is hot by the time I did crossing right to left the Thomas and Thomas gets across the twenty five seven right to left and he's taking them about the twenty six yard line that was a heck of a throw by drew Brees but what I don't like what I saw I saw its feet a lot that was his first role it was directly in the park a big move in the pocket and outside a little bit with that time play action fake any standard right there to block three five eleven and three quarters it's not always going to be able to see as well when he said that part now Hamilton the deep back in me I now third down in one at the six twenty seven double tight ends Hamilton gets a call running right side wow did he get it holy mackerel what I had read.

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