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Fueling of the American Spirit Buster, how he began this segment with wild finish as the Tampa Bay Rays and one that will be remembered for a long time in 87 win over the Dodgers, Teo even the World Series. At the end the whole thing like elementary school recess, with everyone running around and going crazy, and everyone trying to run down Brett Phillips and celebrate with him in Arosa Raina lying at the plate. Brett Phillips was three for 22 since joining the Rays before getting that head. The tailor misplay Smith trying to swipe tag when he didn't have to, because the rosary and had fallen down crazy the Rays of the first team to win a world serious game they trailed entering the ninth inning since the Royals in Game one of the 2015 world, Siri's Against the Mats of World Series. They would go on to win. You know, we were talking about how Tampa Bay's bats would have to come alive. Felt like Dave Roberts had played this chess match and this was high level chess tonight between the two managers. He had played it. Dave Roberts did into his benefit as he had his top two relievers with a one run lead and a strike away, Buster. They couldn't get it done. Yeah, And I'll tell you what overnight you're gonna have. Both managers probably exhausted at this point, trying to pick up the pieces with the respective pitching staff trying to figure out how they're going to dress tomorrow's game for Dave Roberts. He's got Clayton Kershaw on the other side when you're talking about Kevin Cash having Tyler Glass now, but their bullpens are in tatters..

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