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She knew she had made the right choice. I would not have been able to handle the the kind of language. Let's say the I was not used to hearing at my house when I was growing up, I just wouldn't have been able to do it. It's interesting that you feel that way because on the one hand, you are describing yourself as this very opinionated child as very independent child as not an afraid child at all? Well, I fought with the boys all the time when I was in school, but I would go home and cry about it because they made fun of me, you know, but how much of that could you take? If it was constant by grown men whom you'd, I'd allies all your life. One two had a long and rewarding career in public relations and marketing. She says, she's proud of all the women. She sees on TV talking about sports, but she definitely did not. Go to work every day, wishing that she had become sports writer. When I realized over the past forty years, is that most likely had I not taken that advice and I tried to break in through that glass ceiling that existed in the late sixties. Early seventies, I probably would have hated sports. And if I had hated sports, my life would have been completely different. Where would I be? Wanda doesn't live near Boston anymore, but she's still a fan of the Red Sox and on August fifth, two thousand twelve. When the SOX hosted the Minnesota Twins, she got the chance to audition to become the public address announcer at her beloved Fenway park. It was basically the thrill of my life to be up there in that booth and say things like now Badding number fifteen. The second baseman, Dustin Pedroia. You know, I mean, now it's amazing. I was amazing. And if I didn't love baseball still, I'm going to donate that. Recently, Wanda Fisher published her first book a novel set in baseball. One of the characters is a minor league ball player who grew up in Weymouth, Massachusetts, do buses at train and trolley ride from Fenway park. When the novel was finished, Wanda sent a copy to wreck Ryecart I did. I found him through Facebook. And did he respond? No, you didn't respond to me yet, but I do expect to hear from him. I mean, sand like you're thankful for the advice that wreck gave. I am. I am thankful. You know, sometimes I will just be driving by a failed and I'll see a Babe Ruth game and I'll pull over and I'll watch it for a few innings and somebody next meal save which one of those kids out there is your grandson, and I'll be like none of them. I just wanna to watch these guys for a few weddings in. I just I just love this game. I don't know. I can't explain it. That story came from only games, Karen, given Wanda Fisher novel is called empty seats. We'll have a link at only a game dot org. Kansas City.

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