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Obviously one hopes a lot spin learned in the interim that's right that's especially in the reason you know yeah and none of them again attributes of the more resilient human community it's one this able to learn from the past disturbance of this and i'd again apply some of those lessons that it that have been learned so i think one of the the tangible lessons that we learned again from katrina was again the role of social capital win you know people being able to to sort of anticipate you know what it what is the likelihood of future flooding and you know how well is our community able to to protect against some of these on certain days of see level rise and more intense storms and in the end the year sense katrina would certainly examined the strength of the levees wiz taken steps said that household level to try to you know hurricane profar homes in that type of thing in but again it did there aren't are important lessons to be learned looking at the neighborhoods for example in orleans perrish that came back more quickly vs us did not and some of the research we've been doing it two pointed to the fact the communities that receive contend feeder more sliding in their neighborhoods whether or not those were more of fluent people or not whether they had a good insurance or not they tended to not come back as quickly as the areas where there was less flood depth and that's sort of a common sense a cold finding but again we need to just pay attention to that there are place based vollmer abilities and if you're in a la align area and there is possibly reason to believe that the levees are not going to hold it did its not rational necessarily to rebuild in exactly that spot so it's not always a question just of personal finances you know we we need to think in terms of a collective vollmer ability of play somehow weekend minimize some of that vollmer ability in become more resilient and that you know part of maturity seem to be that we can we were past a lot of that right over the indians are things that used to have fun but it's really become just the officer with that owner ability you know in the future force and and i think.

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