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And I'm not to say were, but with you it was so easy. Because all I had to do is go out there. Listen to you. And you made me look good. So everybody thought that I was better than I really was. But I did catch on. But from listening to you and working with you. And watching you, you know, and I did the same thing in amateur wrestling. I studied tapes, I kept watching you. And and watching the top guys in in in studying you. And seeing what to do not only from resting aspect from from an entertaining aspects, and and got lot easier. When I when I turn my instincts off image wrestling. I starting learning something new which was the art of pro wrestling psychology is so hard everybody thinks you just go out there and do a bunch of stunts. If that's what you do. You're never gonna get over. How did it? How long did it take you to have a full grasp of psychology right after I got that work with you, which meant I was a two years in the business. I became a ring general and what I mean by that from a standpoint, what about from hill psychology, maybe psychology, and then putting the whole picture together. I say, yeah. I mean, I I was in my first year second year I had to run with you as a baby face. And then I'd say my third year after two years, I was working with the Jericho's, Ben wise, and the and the and the Eddie Guerrero's, and the, you know, those guys, and I was meant as workers as workers. Yeah. Yeah. But the great thing about it was most of the time, I was structured matches. And it was because I I was learning from the best guys. And that's what I always try to try to tell these younger wrestlers studied style your top guys. That's the way to get over see how they work 'cause that's what I did. And I knew that. If I could do what you guys if I knew that when stone post Vaas was watching me wrestle. He would say I wanna work with that guy. So I had to be on my game to know that Steve Austin with Vincent man, I wanna work with him next. And I remember one night. I had a case Matthew with Chris Benoit's where you recounting, and I watched the match over. And I saw you in awe because you were watching us do the most stupid stunts most idiotic crap in the main event raw in a cage where we were Germany off the top rope flipping off the top of the cage, and you were just sitting there speechless. And I thought to myself man Austin is not wanna work with me because he thinks I'm nuts. What? But it was interesting because I watched that match this morning on YouTube before I came up to talk to you. And I remember that night. And what you're saying is true. I mean, yeah have time. I was being stone cold, and I was commentating, but I was blown away by what I was saying. And you guys stole the show. I mean that match had an impact for several months. I mean anytime someone stepped into a cage right after that. They were expected to try to top the effort that you in been been wall put forth, and that wasn't gonna happen. I mean, the moves out the top the diving headbutt off the top the suplex off the top rope. The belly tobaks..

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