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And what did he do he? He immediately found another church. Who's GONNA leave from one church and just rush right off to another church? Okay and just move on. And some people found out about it. That he was he was going to be hired and they went to the church and said No. We can't recommend this guy this time now. I do want to bring up something that was said in that. In what Matt Chandler said in that video he said it was a grievous sin. Yes but we can't. He's not qualified at this time. Which means even village church was acknowledging that there could be reconciliation on this now they make it sound like no we said he. He shouldn't be fit from any ministry. At least according to what the some bloggers are saying so it sure seems like the bloggers are giving cover to Matt Chandler. Who saying they're just they're taking what he's saying verbatim but questioning everything. Thomas to sing when Matt Chandler is the one with the history of not practicing meth. I Timothy Five twenty. He's the one that has the the history of disciplining the victim and having to apologize for it. You know this is the thing that you end up seeing here. The Ma- is the one that has the history of saying in September that there was someone that was being investigated for sexual assault of a child but in October. He says he was drunk. Okay so he isn't being clear. So so who's worked? We believe it's really this simple. It's really this simple. There is some one thing that I see. That's a one to one analogy. And that is tone because tone what Matt Chandler supposedly claimed is he was fired for. The tone was fired for for drinking for petty drinking. Not For allegations of sexual assault to a minor. So if this is the case you now see what you know. He's done this once. He's done it again with with Dr More. He didn't say exactly what it was to the church. So you have two different cases where you have a lot more. That went on that. They didn't make clear. So are we to believe that he really made it clear. Thomas White that this guy was really wrong and you know there was all this you know history. They gave him and said you can hire and Thomas White just ignored village church and Matt Chandler and hired anyway. Now that may be the difference is if I look at the facts that we have so far. I have to say Matt Chandler. Adam minimum no matter what happened with Cedar Ville Matt Chandler and village. Church needs to step down and for for this blogger. Who wants to say that Thomas White needs to step down but not mentioned Matt Chandler? I think it's because he's a Social Justice Warrior. Okay completely biased. It's completely biased. Because Matt Chandler passed the buck. He didn't follow scripture. He didn't do as I timothy says he did not Repu- him in the presence of all and as I said earlier in the show that word rebuke there is an imperative. That's a command. God is commanding this to be the behavior you have with pastors and you know what I can't. We can't stress enough that Matt Chandler in this video that he did a week to two weeks after the allegation in two thousand seventeen. He said we believe that he is unfit for Ministry at this time. Just like you just said at this time that softens what he seems to be backtracking on now because I don't think he would say at this time based on the allegations that he's claiming right now what he says he told Thomas Way. Okay so saying at this time softens it it allows for for restoration. Okay and a job back okay. And and being able to job in the future leading everything for Thomas White to think that. There's there's some there so he what does he do. He sets strict counseling and process of reconciliation. It's GonNa take at least five years. He did did all his homework. There's no police report. Why because Matt Chandler didn't do his responsibility as a mandatory reporter in Texas and report the crime. He didn't do that so he they. WanNa blame Thomas White but no one wants to blame chandler. This is the problem. Matt Chandler failed he he sinned by not twice now twice he did not for those who persistent Sam rebuke them in the presence of all and that failure is costing Cedar Ville and every wants to go after Cedar Ville they're not going after Chandler and village church and I would say that if anyone who signed the petition to have Thomas White resigned. You better start a petition to have Matt Chandler and Village. Church resign as well. Otherwise you're a hypocrite. Because they send as well but their sin is what caused this one at a minimum. Because even if let's let's take worst case scenario say they did tell Thomas. All the information k. If Chandler was public about it Thomas Way never been able to even if you sit there and say well. We told them but he hired against our our instruction okay. Let's assume that happened. Would they be able to hire him? If Matt Chandler made this public the answer's no if all this if you're the argument is that that. Somehow Thomas was trying to help a friend because this is the argument that Thomas White was trying to help a friend and get them a job and so he was lying to his board of trustees and lying to the faculty and everything else. If that's the case had met Chandler done his job everyone would have known it and Thomas White wouldn't have been able to lie about it if the if he did that. They're claiming right so it's very simple. There's there's one place to start this blame. There's one place where we know there was failure. How do we know it? We heard it tonight in his own words Matt Chandler. Read the statement that he and the pastors the village church put forth to be read and it didn't rebuke him in the presence of all. It was watered down mild gave opportunities for reconciliation. And they let them go being that they that they have that pattern. I think they are to blame. I think that what we end up seeing here is that someone should start to petition for Matt Chandler to resign and those at village church. That also didn't follow. Matthew five twenty. So why do I keep saying Matthew I timothy? I've done it consistently. I don't know why it is I timothy. I think I know what it is. I'm preaching this week. In in in mark to where Levi or matthew comes to be a disciple of Christ so I guess Matthew. I've been studying a lot of matthew at this this week so I guess that must be eighteen as well. It'd be but that's not why I think so. We ended up. Seeing is is that Matt Chandler did not practice I timothy five twenty and he let a sexual Predator move out to another area. Now it wasn't ministry. Oh this is one thing I did. WanNa show let me show one more thing that I think is important with this blogger because I want to show you what his tactics are. Okay because when you read these blog articles I want you to know you need to put critical thinking when you read these things. Now what you have here is a list of of Faculty. Okay new faculty from two thousand seventeen two thousand eighteen. And so if you go through this list Dr Moore was hired two thousand seventeen and you go through this list. What do you notice and this guy says it? If you've noticed that Anthony. More IS NOT PICTURED. You are a sharp observer. Does anyone other than me. Wonder if emitting more is just a coincidence. I'm sure there's a perfectly valid reason or maybe not. Here's the simple reason you know. He's not listed with the faculty in two thousand seventeen. Who is this like a million dollars? Go for what. What's The answer Maybe Kizzie wasn't faculty member Vans Right. He wasn't as faculty he was hired. As an administrator he was in the admissions office for now. This is the irony. The Social Justice Warriors should be defending more. You'd think he's an African American who is hired in admissions to to help with diversity. He was someone who was sexually abused as a child to me. Let's see how many intersection points this. Anthony African American Ding Ding Ding. That's one sexually abused to. Diversity is his is he's he's and Versi homosexual tendency homo ding ding. Okay four points. Four intersection outy points. He has homosexual tendencies. But as you've as you've heard me teach intersectional you have one factor that brings you right back zero. Ns in Christian and hopefully we made our point. Well at least Steve Wolfe here. Not that he's a wolf. That's just his last name. Immune I guess what you know these guys with these names. I mean see rappaport. You can't use you know Silvestro. You can't kind of mixing but but Steve Wolfe says. I Agree Chandler. Village is really to blame in every bit of this and of course anthony more and he's right. Anthony Moore should not have lied if that's what he ended but he had at a minimum would have been you know lying to Jason Lee unless there he must be in on it too right keeping it from all the faculty the this is the thing so I I really. This is not something that Anthony I wanted to do but I think that maybe I had a little bit of a righteous indignation because of the fact that I saw everyone piling on with one guys one guy who broke. The story writes ten articles about it. You I've already shown you that he he probably. He seems to have a bias as well. He's had this issue with Cedar Ville for a long time from from when white got there and people started leaving because they were liberals that's why they were leaving. They weren't conservative Christians. They were liberal Christians so they were leaving. This guy had an had an issue with that. He seemed to to have this. Hebrew breaks the story. Everyone's using his articles and he writes several articles. That will the that does is. It gets you a lot of clicks. It's Click Bait but what do you see? Would you don't see as as we've seen he claims to have evidence doesn't give you the evidence over and over again he he uses logical fallacies he leads he poisons the well he's he's leading you in conclusions and so over and over again? He's appealing to things that prove that his arguments are invalid. Okay and so. This blogger should not be trusted as source you know who should be trusted as a source the independent investigation that Cedar Ville Trust the trustees. A Cedar Ville hired to do the investigation. That's where we should start to trust and they haven't ruled yet they're still investigating so anyone who signing the petitions to remove Thomas White too soon. You have the information. The only information you have is the guy who started the this stuff. Who's writing all this stuff? Who's a social justice warrior? Probably as far as we can tell and who quite frankly is lying to his readers. Why because there's a very simple reason. There's nothing nefarious on. Why Anthony Moore was not pictured with the faculty in two thousand two thousand seventeen? Anyone should be able to pick up on that as anthony did because he wasn't faculty they're not listening the janitors in their either. They're not listening to any other administration there either. I wonder I didn't do this but I just thought this now. I wonder if we go back and see. Did they announced faculty advisors or advisors administration new new administration. I wonder if he's listed under new administration. That'd be interesting because if that's the case then we know that this guy didn't do his homework but the simple thing is this and this all this this. This whole show is to point out. Two things really well. A couple of things might be more into one your doctor white. As far as we know we trust him to be innocent until proven guilty. We we assume that he is right. He's kept a consistent story he's had integrity and for those reasons we take his story especially with the fact that it's all hinged on the fact that the claim is that he knew everything from the pastors at from Chandler and the pastors at Village Church when they have a history of softening things. They're the history of getting things wrong. We've demonstrated that as well and you know what the irony some of those things. We demonstrated our from the same guys blogs some of the information I got from things he said and I followed the links so he should have known better. He should've known the background was there. So here's the thing you should assume until proven otherwise. Thomas White is in the right. You should not be signing petitions to have them removed. You should be signing petitions however to remove Matt Chandler and Village Church. You should be blaming them. If you're blaming Thomas White and not matching learn village church. Then there's only one word for that hypocrite because they're the ones who failed and caused the problems for Cedar Ville so Cedar Ville now. It's the deal with Matt Chandler's failure to do his biblical responsibility. So this is a thing. Couple things that we were trying to express one. Thomas Whites we want to assume is in the right until proven otherwise Matt Chandler needs to repent of his handling of Dr more a tomb and these others. Anyone else that he may have fired or let go. And Not Rebuke Them. If you're if you have pastors who are doing this if you're in a church keep them accountable that they should be doing this. They should be saying exactly why someone is stepping down and what the issues are okay. A so as a way of closing out. I'll just put this Steve Wolfe says. This has been great and highly informative but unfortunately I have to run hope to all next week wolf out. Well we're signing out as well Again may thirtieth. We WanNA remind you Justin Peters. I will be doing our snatched them by the flame snatched him from the flames seminar. But it's home edition. You can watch it in your own home..

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