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Spence Bridge had an accident on the ramp from North 75 to Gabby. In fact, they blocked that ran for a few minutes. All clear Now everything's out of the way Chucking from NewsRadio 700 wlw Way apartment. This guy's today will get up to 78 tonight down to 60, then over the weekend. It's 81 82 Saturday and Sunday with a fair amount of sun. It is 55 degrees 700 wlw 700 wlw Sport work with segue Dennison Sag Michio. Good morning Reds Update. Reds and Twins Tonight started three games. Siri's in Minneapolis. Coverage begins 6 10 with sports talk Arno Carrier Sensei Pitch at 7 10 Kelsey Chevrolet Extruding show After the game. Tyler Malli goes for the Reds and tonight's opener up against Jose Berrios. The Reds magic number is two or three, depending on what's going on. But let's see the red. So what if it's too they could clinch his earliest tonight with a win plus a Phillies lost on the Brewers loss. The Brewers play the Cardinals in a doubleheader today. So we'll see what happens to swim. Got something to play for. They leave the ale Central by a game over the White Sox, too, over the Indians. NFL last night. Fitzy Fitzpatrick, Ryan Fitzpatrick, three touchdowns. Total Miami Downs Jacksonville, 31 13, Bangles of Day Bangles and eagle Sunday in Philadelphia. The great man of Bangles dot com. Butch Hobson stands by stands by his he does 700 wlw double checked by the way Fitzpatrick played for 18. I was seven. You know? Unbelievable. Thank you, Sir. Theis is the aviation report with Jay Ratliff brought to you by the Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport on 700 wlw..

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