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I have a hard time believing that the nfl is going to agree to give the players seven million dollars and still have the protests going on i somebody in that room is gonna say why are we giving these guys all this money if they're still going to if they're still gonna protest so i think what the end game here is is the real triangulation so the players are going to get some form of money whether it's shifting ad revenue whether it's real dollars a combination of the two then there then the league is going to come in and they're going to rewrite their their rules about protest before the anthem or during the anthem so therefore the eric read faction of this group is going to the isolated they're going to be exposed so the players are going to get the money but read and company aren't going to be allowed to protest and they're not part of the coalition either and i think that's really thought of the nfl's way of putting an end to this thing even though it's not gonna work i mean the nfl's four two billion dollar industry it beggars belief and credulity that they couldn't just do this but find an agreeable way why does it always and maybe i'm just being naive and pollyannaish here but why is it why does it always have to be a quid pro quo white here well i can't thea this just be we believe that this was a worthwhile 'cause we also respect the rights of our players to express themselves were willing to take the risks that some of our fan base doesn't agree with us but we support the players in this in these efforts ma that would require courage in is not a whole lot of that and also i'm not sure how worthy cause they think it is and three which is actually number one they're not partners the nfl major league baseball's contracts guarantee the nba's contracts are guaranteed the nba really does view and you can hear how lebron james codes it in his language we refers to the game as our game our sport he doesn't call it basketball and he doesn't call the arms onerous he calls the owners by their first names the end.

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