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Be consulting which is performance psychology from and the founder and director of the non for profit wisdom. Not we talk about her roots. Ghana working with athletes versus executives. We talk a bit about what the media gets wrong when talking about mental health and athletes. Why it's important for athletes to talk about an acknowledged their struggles but also be willing to get out there even if they're not one hundred percent social media's effect on athlete performance and a very blunt discussion about sex at the nba rookie symposium. Plus i ask her the question that none of my guests have yet been able to answer. Enjoy the interview. That's what she said so. I'm very excited to have this week's guest in part because mental health in sports has never been a big but also because she comes on the recommendation of one. George karl who apparently is started listening to the podcast. Probably because of his buddy terry stotts being on and recommending. That wendy is sort of like the new doctor from ted lhasa which is a hell of a pitch at a time. When ted laso couldn't be more popular. And especially according to more recent episodes as were getting to know more of dr sharon fieldstone We'll find out whether dr wendy the lobbyists is similar in many ways. That's just a good pitch. But either way i'll take it Let's talk about where you've got started. Because the bio is intimidating. The work is impressive. But you're just a normal person. You gotta start somewhere. So were you like as a kid what were you into. I'm i was into everything. Is sports the arts. So actually and that was because of i think my coming from another country some originally from ghana so i can the united states. I was almost four. And so my parents want us. You know it'd be americanized so they had to every single thing. We could possibly do so. I got into all of the things all the sports. All of the the arts stuck with basketball continued continued on. But i think. I've always been into which i got from my parents and finding is helping other people i was doing that Trying to figure that out you know at a young age. What could i do to help this person. Help this brand or do whatever so. That's always been part of my path as well. What did your parents do to help others. That model that for you..

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