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And then flew yesterday to Kabul to talk about the peace process with Afghans per Afghan president Ashraf Ghani. Millie's meetings came amid a new drawdown of U. S troops. Although under current U. S policy, a complete pullout hinges on the Taliban reducing attacks nationwide. Another world leader testing positive for covert 19 this time the president of France In a brief statements, the Elysee presidential palace announced that President Emmanuel Macron had shown initial symptoms of covert 19. He took a real time PCR test, which came back positive. The palace says he will self isolate for seven days but will continue to work. Prime Minister John Kass Tex says he may be a contact case and we'll also self isolate as a precaution. Elaine CARB. CBS NEWS PARIS More doses of the Corona virus vaccine are being redirected to D. C. Maryland has agreed now to provide the district with an additional 8000 covert 19 vaccine doses. They would go to front line health care workers who work in the district but live in Maryland. Virginia already agreed to send the same number of doses 8000 to D. C to help cover Northern Virginia residents who work on the front lines in the district. Maybe a way to find emerging coronavirus trouble spots in and around D. C no, not by swapping noses. But by analyzing what people flush starting soon some of the stuff that ends up in the waste water stream in D C will be tested for covert 19. The virus can be detected in such samples, even if the person it came from doesn't have any symptoms..

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