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Talk about three guys that you can keep as the three worst. Draft picks in raiders history. And I think As we were doing some talks yesterday about this we all kind of have in mind. Who are number one is but I would like to get from you a name. You would put in your worst. Three draft picks in raiders history. Okay so I'm going to stay away from the obvious one because I think we're all GonNa pick that Yeah I talk the talk. Yes Well this went to my kid but this guy went to my high school for the first two years before he transferred. I was a senior when he was a freshman. I remember when he came on modernities campus. You know he was the next Who's John Elway? Only as left-hander? I actually hooked up with him for an interview years later when he was playing in a band called scurvy and there's outside of a bar called the Causa and San Diego down to the airport. He was really cool. I watched a documentary on but todd. Miranda was twenty four th over on ninety one You know the drugs got to him. and in two seasons he started eight games in three touchdowns in nine picks who's three and five overall Post Post football became an artist. Like I said if you watched the documentary and it's fascinating with his father. We all know the story. So stay with the obvious guy. And I'll say my number two number two all time bust in the franchise history buff. I. I'll go with him as my top one for now Avoiding the obvious one is todd. Marin of each and Marina Vich the guy who is in the same draft class as Brett farve but I remember them calling the test to quarterback but he had been somebody because from infancy basically like. His father was training him from day. One to become a quarterback and this guy may be it was cracking under pressure on an atom. What do you think about this pick? And who do you want to add to the list? I mean that's solid Certainly that's that's a good pick Mind that I definitely think. And it's it's more just wear. He went and who went around him than anything But Robert Gallery was a guy if if you will remember what he was like coming out of college. He was regarded as like the best offensive line prospect in decades. Like it was just so much hype around this guy and he ended up being. I'll say a bus but he you know he wasn't a great tackle certainly was awful at that position he had some okay years at guard. He wasn't like horrific in out of the league. I think is the raiders for about six years. But if you go back to two thousand four. He went number. Two overall look around. Who was picked in that draft number one went ally manning so he was off the board after gallery. Went number to Larry Fitzgerald goes number. Three Philip rivers goes number four. Sean Taylor goes number five. Who could have been one of the all time? Greats of his career hadn't been so tragically cut short. Kelley winslow the second which Maybe character issues. There could have prevented him for going. Roy Williams went seven. Who's another pro bowl? Guy De Ngelo Hall went eight seven of the top eight picks in that draft Played in pro bowls and then he looked even later in the first round. Guys like Ben Rothlisberger. Jonathan Vilma Will Smith Vince will for all those guys go in the first round. In the raiders settled on Robert Gallery who never played in a pro bowl and was very disappointing pick. Yeah actually. That was he was my number two on my list. So Vinnie. Who Do you have here The three whereas draft pigs. You can only keep three. Who's one of your guys here that you think failed the raiders? Well Robert is a great pick by the way I think he. What did he have like? Didn't you have like twenty twenty four reps on two hundred twenty five on the bench? That was just like astoundingly. Bad for out for a guy of his size That should've been a red flag. We'RE GONNA go with Mark Wilson. Sure people quite remember him but At the time that they drafted him in nineteen eighty in the first round so decent quarterback at Byu. There's a question about it. But also the raiders had Jim Plunkett and So was real curious on why they would they would. They would roll the dice right there with Mark Wilson and then to justify the pick They would periodically you. Know Insert Wilson in as a starter. Plunkett back on the Benton frog about Plunkett who had won two super bowls You know with the raiders was going to end up winning another one But in the all throughout there was turmoil. Because you know. Wilson's supposed to be the quarterback of the future plenty was playing good and everytime plunkett would take take a step back and they'd put Mark Wilson and it just became this huge unneeded controversy. So so my guy is Mark Wilson Former quarterback at Byu. The raiders didn't need a quarterback right. Then they they reach for him in the first round and kind of causal obita chaos havoc From that point on hey does have a super bowl ring now. Is He gets the championship team. Nineteen eighty so. Yeah when you look back on it. I think that we can all agree about another quarterback. Here that is definitely my number one. Pick of the top bus for raiders draft picks and that would be jamarcus Russell. I mean number one in two thousand seven and there were a lot of lofty expectations on this guy and I think part of what had happened with him is like a kind of similar to. Marin of age he fell into the world of drugs and I I think it was scissor. P- that he became famous for because of the it was like robitussin mixed with grape juice. X. Some kind of cough syrup concoction that he would drink The lead to his demise and he gained all this weight. I mean when you a-a-and on Jamarcus Russell. And what do you remember about him? Stands out about him to you as being one of the top readers. Bus The game against Notre Dame. I think that changed. I think that put everyone in his mind that he was something that he wasn't Held out missed training. Camp didn't play 'til the end of two thousand seven started just one game. He was a disaster for the beginning. I think he completed like fifty two percent of his passes You know the wheels came off by a third years. I I really. I'll always remember that game because I'm a notre dame band and he just tore them up and the weighted announcers talk about him Big Strong huge arm and I think people just got completely infatuated with that guy off one game and Al Davis had the first overall selection ano- seven decided to get the quarterback and we know what happened Kid was arrested for codeine. Cough Syrup. News a disaster from the beginning so this is no doubt I think we're they picked him first. Overall selection is by far the biggest bus an issue the franchise Adam Wisdom. Marcus Russell your number one. I don't like doing that because it's too easy but yeah I think it's It's just so memorable and stands out in so many people's minds that it's tough to go in any other direction So yeah I think he's He's the number one guy in terms of bus in this franchise history and Vinnie after you. Was there anyone else that stood out besides jamarcus Russell in in the top three that you would say was a major bus for the raiders. Jamarcus Russell is definitive. Worst Tech and I agree member lane. Kiffin was it was the head coach. Didn't want Jamarcus Russell and you know I'm not sure why you hire a coach An offensive minded coach and don't heed his advice On on on the most important position in the field on the field. And let's also remember. They had a chance to to draft a guy by the name of Calvin Johnson a great wide receiver. Who Lane Kiffin actually wanted So it wasn't just that they you know missed horribly on on Russell it could have had a hall of fame wide receiver in Calvin Johnson. And that would have made a big difference for the raiders during those years and there were some other names like. Dj Hayden. Rinaldo McLean another one. That stands out that. I think that we mentioned was Darius Hayward Bay taken in the draft before Michael Crabtree who later ended up with the raiders but I think when you compare careers these are guys as well that could have been that consideration will give him honorable. Mentions for the worst three. I mean but if you only can pick three I Love Ed's pick of Todd. Myrna Vich Jamarcus Russell and Robert Gallery. Those remind three there Yeah I think this is something that when you look over it always looks. Some of these guys looked really good on paper. Like you know but When it came down to their NFL careers not not so good. So Yeah they'll do it in the point that gets driven home. Here is the Raiders. Have done a poor job a drafting and why. Mike Mayock Jon Gruden. Tandem needs to be good in that area and so far so good But I mean I think I counted. It's tanner under ten players. That are left on the roster from when Jon Gruden I got here a couple of years ago So it's not going to be much longer before probably a bunch of those guys. Those remaining guys are no longer here as as well. Also it really shows you. How bad the raiders drafted That they're that they had the completely flip it over In these last couple years. We'll continue to do that. But you know when you have when you can almost argue that jamarcus. Russell isn't the worst. Pick in your franchise history. It shows you that the drafting hasn't been all that good Especially recently Up until your these last couple of years. Yeah I mean you make a great point there have any because if you look over the team right now the full overhaul ever. Gruden and may out. There really are only a handful of guys left. A lot of them stole on the offensive line That remain from the I guess past era and You have a couple other guys on there still that are around like Derek Harper. So but long when you look over all the major spots on the team especially on defense right now you're getting a full overhaul and as the draft gets closer. We will be here to keep up with you and give you everything that we know about. What's happening around Las Vegas and with your raiders. So make sure to tune in here on the Vegas Nation. Podcast will be back on Monday to do. Some of the best draft picks and raiders history. And all your other news. Because we can't just do the words we have to do some of the good guys as well. We have to balance out things in the universe. So that we can give the raiders fans all the best information here on the Vegas Nations Show so make sure to subscribe wherever you're listening. Follow along on Social Media Vegas Nation. Download the Vegas Nation APP and Checkout Vegas Nation Dot Com for all things raiders. We will be here again Monday through Friday daily shows up until the NFL draft on April. Twenty th through the twenty fifth and we will also be doing live shows then so check back each afternoon for all your new episodes and for Adam Hill Ed. Greeny and Ben Yvonne your. I'm Heidi Bang. We appreciate you offer listening. We'll be back Monday..

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