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Officials warn citizens about counterfeit money citizens recently found a large cache of fake counterfeit money after the well that's redundant isn't it a fake money and they turned it into the morgan county sheriff's office according to authorities to counterfeit cash can be recognized by large pink chinese lettering on the front and back of the bills fell it's not good counterfeit no this was we've had this in the news story they had it's true there are some chinese characters on the left side in pink according to thirties to counterfeit cash can be recognized that way the money bills are the same size as genuine currency with the same imagery and markings if you're in a hurry you might not notice it if anyone tries to use this currency at any business in the county let us know immediately and if you find a bag of this fake currency let us know now it doesn't say here hate that how how these citizens founded but somebody found a bag of fake money somewhere and they turned into the cops but apparently it's other than the chinese characters on it it's pretty pretty close i mean it's feels real hussein kind of consistency of paper and everything sixteen year old girl in utah died monday after she fell one hundred feet at a waterfall hiking with a friend kayleigh marvin wall street footing in santa quinn canyon sustained serious head and leg injuries in the fall authority said her friends a called thorns performed cpr until the police arrived the police continued cpr for forty minutes but just couldn't do it as she in there's nothing suspicious about it it was just an accident she took a misstep and slipped while she was trying to navigate across a log with water up there the slick rocks the way they are she didn't put her foot in the right location and slipped off the edge of the waterfall a truck in weaver county.

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