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So in the context of a job, right? Like, you can just have a job or you can have a job working with people you love or you can have a job working with people. You love in a place that you love and then so on and so forth in doing something you love in. So when I'm doing something on like how many both the players in my hitting right now. You know, I'm having a business conversation with someone I like on a height in a beautiful place of flyer of four, and I'm just always trying to maximize that is people talk about balance, and they talk about compromise. Yes. Although. Things are political. But I'm also someone who always believes like you can have all. And so if you just set your life up in the way, that makes sense for you. So with forty two birds it's been sort of a perfect home nation of that. I feel like you know, you can't just expect to have everything tomorrow. So for me, it's always just been this stair step up of getting to where I wanna be adding one more thing in that that adds to my multiples, but now of sort of Jeeves, this, you know, it hits my values. It's a mine with my personal passions. It's in line. With my skill set. I get to do it in places that are beautiful I love, and then, you know, I'm working with my co-founder who is one of my best friends and someone who I respect so much business. So that's highlight my ultimate and vice other people is way. Where.

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