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A listen and in his own words I've been in the book world for a long time and I was watching it Amazon through market share by double digits year over year Intel they broke fifty percent of consumer book market in the U. S. for physical books not just detox they and I started to worry about what's going to happen is like it becomes more tenuous every single year and I don't think that the ten year the stores that have no online capacity whatsoever it's hard to imagine they're gonna survive so we wanted to give a platform that would solve a lot of problems that small business but faced trying to compete with a completely ruthless completely efficient machine you get to the point that one single player controls over fifty percent of the market it becomes very dangerous for the health of all the other player Andy compete with Amazon really what are you thinking well you know it's funny because I put everybody out they were conventional wisdom is that compete with Amazon is basically the stupidest worst possible idea that an entrepreneur could ever have how stupid is in his idea well when you execute a like Andy hunter has not so stupid at all take a lesson in old fifty thousand dollars for the books in March and April we sold about five million eight million dollars worth of books by the end of may we've raised almost one point seven million dollars for local bookstores in just eleven weeks we have captured one and a half percent of Amazon's total market for physical books the growth has been in pain without it and take two or three years to reach that level but we reset and Levin we so how did he do this let me break it down he relied on the power of getting his story out to an audience hungry to embrace his mission those of.

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