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Here have things that have been charged against the degrees trunk. Trump trump is way over way way way over one direction. What happened Bloomberg mysterious? He seems to have fostered environment. Maybe that was a you know. Body probably be his word. Maybe people's Word Right. Is that very well? Hopefully John and then Biden. There's some touching accusation that sanders as far as I know there's no one said anything but I wonder if we look in a generation whether the the people who are now in their thirties whether the men who are now in their thirties. It's going to be the same thing where a lot of them will have had. Something in their past is a little bit a little bit iffy or worse or not. I think so. I think they will. I think my question is has an answer. Which is that. I don't think it will be the same. I and I do think I've seen a fair number of The training videos and things that corporations Make their employees go through and many of them are awful and you can when you watch them. You feel the people basically doing ten other tasks and just hitting the click bar to move on and move through it. And it's not very useful but I think there are companies and institutions. That are doing a better job than that. And the POYNTER institute is has put together a sexual harassment program for newsrooms that I watched and it was fantastic about power. And how power works in workplaces and all the different ways in which it works. Not just the person who's doing the assaulting but then also how the power dynamic changes as people get involved and it was incredibly instructive and I could as I was watching it. I could imagine somebody going into thinking like oh. I'm going to sit through this thing. And then having revelations not only with respect to the specific way to handle situations but then how to create a workplace environment in which those situations. Don't arrive the proactive Things you can do to just be more aware and mindful of relationships in power and how it's distributed and that all feld incredibly useful and also putting people in the mindset of Understanding power and how it works in the workplace which is just a a larger beneficial so to the extent that that stuff is spreading out through the culture from the next generation. I think there there will be actual learning that takes place As a result of this support for the gap is brought.

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