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Thomas byrne area moving on it's not surprising that california democrats are pushing back against a recent move by attorney general jeff sessions this one could result in federal prosecutions of legal marijuana business in california but opposition by a former police officer turn gop lawmaker once a different story and kqed's marisa lagos has a for us republican assemblyman tom lackey is no liberal 'akaola for an eu highway patrol men for nearly three decades he says the just five years ago he was arguing against legalising recreational marijuana but two years ago with legalisation on the horizon in california the palmdale republican joins forces with his democratic colleagues in the legislature to create a set of regulations for medical marijuana that helps set the stage for state oversight of recreational cannabis this is purely a matter pragmatic either you support be industry this trying to follow rules and to be watched over or you're supporting the black market so last may last week when us attorney general jeff sessions announced he was recinding what's known as the coal memo that was guidance issued by the obama administration that essentially told federal prosecutors to lay off law abiding cannabis businesses in states that had legalize the truck sessions move opens the door to federal prosecutions of businesses that are following california law to a t i got it will as disappointing because there could even from a republican stantsrs very detrimental outcome to uh polling look recall memo now lackey and some of his democratic colleagues in the assembly are asking for meetings with california's four us attorneys who ultimately decide whether to go after cannabis businesses lackey says he wants to tell federal officials they'd be better off partnering with california to crackdown on black market cannabis and drugs driving not getting in the way of the.

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