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The good morning then sunday's now you can now here's brandin dan thin hey good morning good morning chicago good morning america the two people who are listening across the world yes to the live broadcast of what's left would mean brandon johnson that's what my mom and they may be what's going on the alert was have more people is named the rain that's right so we did it on purpose so here's the thing i'm convinced you all know that i'm a cubs fan but i believe that god is a sox fan socks were losing so badly but not a guy just made it in the eighth it's got also recognizes that only about eighteen people listen to meet in the morning to please let let let the rainfall lord so they're folks could actually rep up there we related prayer does work so you break free for rain in things will happen i wanna make you offer hanging out with this man it is still a fine saturday morning here in chicago were this is worth facts matter w cpt 820 do us a favour if you are up those of you who start your weekend off with you because you know that the week is not overdo as asher so what's left why don't you text somewhat or and i know that might be a little weird to texting someone at seven o'clock in the morning what are you doing we'll get up listen to this program i think what i want people to know though with this programme purposes to do is to bring people closer together what what better way to finally communicate with your father having spoke with them in a while a dead i missed you into into what left that's a good way to reconnect families that's what we do here had a progressive talk radio we we help build families of this is starting to turn out to really bad radio give this is this is why am this is not what people want to listen to.

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