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Com what's your wanting to fifty to dress sponsored by Shriners hospitals for children for that so many turnpike westbound ten minutes late between for Washington city county there is to it that's the to an accident blocking the center lane is bound turnpike not affected no gave her life looks good on four seventy six the blue route in that the city on seventy six Google expressway your trouble free between two oh two and a bunch of expressway pretty much moving at highway speed same goes for ninety five not seeing any delay volume very light on ninety five at the moment between Bucks county the Delaware line in both directions in the fern rock section it's broad St still Jan the both directions near Godfrey Avenue that's due to an accident why should expressway to minor vine delay westbound from the parkway over to seventy six no problems on the Delaware River bridges in New Jersey watch out for an accident happened towns of its route one thirty south bound now starting to jam up approaching Nicholson rode the right lane remains blocked two ninety five north there was a report of a broken down vehicle off to the side near the forty two freeway whatever is they're gone not seeing any delays and then to ninety five south also in great shape no problems imagine all the forty two freeway or route fifty five if your child with an orthopedic condition go to Shriners hospitals for children their care is not limited to insurance networks they do whatever it takes to help your child Shriners hospitals for children the most amazing care anywhere Shriners Philadelphia dot org I'm just a job I can capability twenty four hour traffic system let's take a look at the X. surgeon forecast we do have a winter weather advisory for Philadelphia immediate Pennsylvania and.

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