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Brett brown co to the seventy sixers they have sent me a jersey number forty cowherd because i said they wouldn't win forty games in blown past that when you look at you know i keep hearing all these names philadelphia's going to add this guy this guy this guy and i keep coming back to i wanna see this young core grow i think you have to pick the right guy you were with the spurs it's all about putting the right people into a culture just not going grab a guy that can score are you going to at some point let's say there's a bunch of talk and people want to come in plan philadelphia i wouldn't wanna screw this thing up are you are you are you willing to say hey i want certain pieces here not every bigname fits here concern you that somebody could disrupt this that may wanna come play with this team that may may not the world's best fit will concern no because i feel like the insulation in the collaboration that i would have with with josh arison david blitzes blitzer owner owners the partnership with bryan colangelo you know the collective sort of group understands completely what you just said and we we have built something i think is a cultural aspect of the growth of the program that we're very proud of right now we're talking more style of play is another layer to this and we we've worked very hard to coach that side of it no differently than we've coached you know the pace of which we play the game and inviting people in welcoming people in it will will come with tremendous scrutiny and thought and everything needs to be driven towards ultimately how do you win a championship listen how do you grow that kobe and shack eventually worry other out which is hard to believe because shack was such a fun loving guy.

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