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At attacking a lunging at actually there is like a man that just as the cause is able to jump on me any fought the coyote for more than ten minutes president of the snow and then stick my head and got on its website as best I could and then put my knee on its rips to try and pin it any ultimately kill the animal and save his child never underestimate the power survival I suppose that that Cody was very much interested in living but you know so we're we then you even imagine so we end to like about six months ago see me live right on Phoenix mountain preserve Frank coyotes all the time you know couple of giant vet bills thanks right is going after our dogs but going after people that's a whole different thing we live a right near some open desert and one of our neighbors I think it was like two years ago had to shoot a coyote while he was out on his walk because it kept approaching at approaching getting closer and closer and he says the reason he carries is done because you know you just never knows what kind of wildlife he's gonna run into on his walk so that yeah so be careful out there right even though this happen in New Hampshire we certainly have them here K. D. A. R. news time five oh seven is one of the most adaptable animals they're all over and they are brazen they are becoming more so let's get over to Danny Sullivan out in the valley Chevy dealers traffic center is just light rain Danny but you know this of becoming a traffic as long as you have that means very slick roads as the rain starts to come down right definitely matter of fact I know everyone is using some caution out there and I think everyone is starting to head on back to work you know we have the holiday yesterday and I am starting to see a little bit brake tapping along I. ten east brown seventy Fifth Avenue towards sixty Seventh Avenue now so I think we're going to have a real rush hour today so far so good on I ten American the freeway really not much going on.

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