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Twenty one days Sam the insurance company has to make a decision and that decision has to come in the form of a document so a Pennsylvania workers comp is what we sometimes call paper state and what that means is any time the insurance company makes a decision about something they have to notify you in writing so within that twenty one day time frame they have to tell you whether they're accepting your claim whether they're accepting it for lost wages whether accepting it for just medical benefits whether they're accepting it for both or they have to tell you that they're denying the claim and if they do not notify you as in writing within twenty one days they're actually subject to penalties under the law okay so we've talked in other shows we've talked on on some other shows even I think last week show we talked about punitive damages and in the soul realm punitive damages or really the hammer that keeps business honest it allows consumers to be protected because most government regulations don't have the kind of teeth that are required to the punitive damages in you going for the jury you can't go far of a jury here they're really something that seems to be a team player is going to look at about being hit with they don't apply the right Dave in in a workers compensation for that matter that being punitive damages you talk about something called a penalty correct and a penalty can be up to fifty percent of your loss wage benefits of the insurance company violates your rights after the break more with Sam ponder legal eagles on Sheryl hockey's hometown radio station KDKA.

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