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I would just say this when they started out you know eight and two and lost to the niners in two thousand nineteen floors first year. It was like well. We're eight and two. We'll be fine last year when the buccaneers bloom out. Thirty eight to ten. they were four knows. We'll be fine. I know they've got detroit coming up but they also have pittsburgh and san francisco after that and leflore is never dealt with one of these deals where it's out of the gates a let's climb ourselves out of it. They're gonna win the division. They're going to be fine but after this off season and a little like if they start to into one in three. Are we sure this smooth sailing. Everyone relax and chill out fascinated. See how leflore who's he's inherited. Rogers and to be eighty two out of the gates as a rookie head coach and the last year cruiser to division title like maybe a little adversity. I'm curious to see how this team response because darius accused piece also Bacteria in areas of their top five players in the roster and odell beckham junior. What's going on. There went to try out to go and play last week decided. It wasn't good and this week. They're already calling them out. I think we're going to see him eventually. But certainly i would think. I would think week three week four. We're going to get some odell. But i know they want him on the field and i think he's just being cautious in the the medical staff's being cautious but not expecting to see him. Obviously this weekend. But i would think week three week. Four based on the fact that he wanted to go week one and just get it there. I think that hopefully we'll see odell on the field at some points in because they got some sports cars parked in the parking lot. You know what i mean. Let's get him on. The field can't wait for it to connor. Were used as surprised as we were that Collar murray won the mvp of the season. Because after that staffer performance on sunday night we thought he was getting slide for sure. Yeah right and like you know. Nate burleson loved. That guy is their job. He hasn't he hasn't accepted and he's out there and he's cheering for him and he's going nuts. I was. I was must have made chop story. It's not like i don't do it there. It's tiffany haddish. kevin hart are like. Is there a little bit too much. Nate burleson going off my god. I love what tyler did. Stafford had the highest passer rating of week one. It basically didn't even get into. But kyle looks pretty good. I'm fine with in the award. And i think it was young dylan neighbor. Listen and dylan schefter. Adam schefter daughter awarding him that award. I liked that panel. I'm all for it..

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