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And to report the incident to the bureau more formation at bvb dot org slush scam drucker john mcdevitt kyw newsradio after criminal plea deals and a conviction against three people for bucks county and a two thousand fourteen attack on a gay couple and center city there's been a settlement in a civil lawsuit brought by the victims here's kyw steve tower but plaintives andrew hot and zachary has sought unspecified damages following the criminal trial to compensate them for the ordeal the case was scheduled to go to trial in december but now of philadelphia judge has marked the case as settled both sides have signed on to a confidentiality agreement back in 2014 while the two men were walking at 16th of chancellor streets they were confronted by a group of fifteen people who began hurling insults before punches were thrown kevin arrogant and philip williams admitted their roles and worse addeds to probation in play arrangements but catherine not went to trial prosecutors labeled it a hate crime they pointed to prior anti gay to we posted by not that went to her motivation that night a jury found her guilty and she served five months in prison steve tarawa kyw newsradio cloudy at the broadcast center in spring garden we're headed down to thirty degrees mostly cloudy sunday on tap but some late day son possibly and a high temperature of forty nine kyw news time is 1202 twenty two time for traffic and transit on the twos while in west coast in chester county cleanup of an earlier afternoon tractor trailer accident in it continues on route through its who had met lack street tuiti remains a shutdown both ways between route 3 west chester pike and business route 3 22 which is high street earlier accident schuylkill expressway eastbound has been cleared it was on the ramp to 26 street shutting down that iran for a couple of hours but again it has been cleared back to good speeds in that area six 76 west version to the schuylkill expressway just a little bit slow in new jersey no problems out on the 42 freeway i 295 mass transit running on or close to schedule if we're not saying what you're seeing been at t phone force tipster at two one five seven twenty four 1060 next update in less than ten minutes from the trumark financial credit union 24 hour trap big center prayer to trumark financial for all your banking needs i'm feet an arado.

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