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Experience just look at these guys take care free he closed tongues wagging in salivating over the notion of Foxy lady was only a matter of time before someone made an example of that nothing down a peg the planes toilet flushed a few times in quick succession the drugs were gone back into holding tanks somewhere in the belly of the plane but no one was going to not getting arrested the store manager Tony Rufina looked down it to me so I can see you good Jimmy got anything on you you mean the he ran his hand across his mustache and then to his hair now ma'am okay I'm clean Jamie and his entourage were the last to step off the plane in Toronto on the morning of March third nineteen sixty nine as they walked towards customs they could see red coated figure is lined up in the distance one stood with his hands crossed over his chest another with his hands clasped at waist level real stuff real patient royal Canadian Mounted Police just like they had been marked it's all good Mitch Mitchell said under his breath they closed in on their inevitable Mitch had the right idea to put on a suit with no pockets before getting on a plane he wasn't wearing underwear full on commando baby he had nothing to hide they want to search him and look at the full measure measure the Mountie stood there in between the Jimi Hendrix experience in the city of Toronto in their bright red jackets and dramatic black belts big **** hats how are they expected to be taken seriously in this big has had to be thought of Dudley do right to self Tony Rufino liable to be cool man to reach the custom stations and then they heard the words that any traveling rock band trance welcome gentlemen we need to search your bags the Mountie separated Jeannie mention all of his bag on the counter unzipped it spread it open the Mountie stuck his hand inside and started to pull things out postcard a bottle of shampoo bottle see a dog eared paperback copy of Joanne cases you can change your life through second power and finally like a dramatic third act via the money pulled a small glass vial a metal tube from the depths of JI ms back the vial was filled with three packets of white powder in the middle to be stained with something artistic panicked his jaw dropped we we we this was this was it was it now this was in his the glass vial white powder ever we could pick that up what could possibly be he was sitting there were like really met last thing to try to get high messed around she told me she had a present for his just now remembering that moment remembering that she never gave that other crazy check in LA last week he wasn't taking her five at all the letter now let her down easy or so we thought you'll regret this she had said to him as he walked away give me flat out denied it it wasn't his was not his every scene for that's him self Tony's all that flushed down the can the plane's tiny little things can ruin a song follow me then instructed polite with zero we need to wait yes TV sat alone in a small brightly lit room in the airport while the Mountie stood there sleuthing he panics and mark sat down stood up pace the room at a sold out show that night at maple leaf gardens eighteen thousand people what if they couldn't play the show one of the whole course canceled what if it's over right down in Canada hours went by a cop occasionally checked in on to get a glass of water a Cup of coffee they go for factually right about now something to calm his nerves eleven hours now since he had a pot was ever a time for a long slow drag from a freshly rolled joints times now the more time passed and then it's ten from Toronto's metro police that do you rate is faced before you can close the door and he knew it wasn't the testing from the mobile labs just finish the bags in the file the resin of the pine she placing him under arrest for possession the detective assured me that they will play their show that night the maple leaf gardens his own kids were holding to the tickets to the sold out show they killed if he had any part in the show not taking place the detective chocolate maybe even get Jimmy's autograph first kids before that the airport Jimmy forced a smile onto his face what was going on here the detective continued the show go on Jimmy will play for the Texas kids in the other seventeen thousand nine hundred ninety eight screaming fans in Toronto that night to about the motions but then after that can be arranged he faced a judge in Toronto he was staring down ten years in prison it will be a long nine months before Jimi Hendrix on that Josh he needed to keep it together keep out of trouble trying not to do anything too stupid that would be easier said than done after playing the show and returning to the states the court date hung heavy on his mind sometimes you wonder if he even live to make it to the witness stand in that Toronto corporate this was one of the many things going.

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