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My own rain. I n TV think of her name have to look through my collection of human hates, Bob. It's funny now in how my thoughts go flashing back again my or Grayson while. My my new lovers are seem so tame they they won't even at me strain. I haven't made it through kid or Elliott. Name. I I've met so many fascinating raise fascinating days in very I I saw this. I so I removed the other guy that kept the wing king and the king get fatter, ma'am. Iro? Samho talk me app. Eric games glow. Only Eimi amazing that who was the person doing the Peter Peter who or impression I'm not sure. It wasn't George rock. Pretty good crow. Grayson I used to all spike, showings, guys. What do you think? You'll. Yeah. Pretty good. Yeah. Very good. This strange and wonderful Steph on the old spike Jones records. I used to imitate him spike Jones. Yeah. I had a thing in the basement with the horns off when you were kit. Yeah. I found something in my research that you did as a kid that I never knew about you. You made Jones any came to Lincoln. Yeah. And he came to grant I'll Omaha. That stem. I saw him in Omaha. He was getting dressed an aesthetic my addressing room door. And I said you come into Lincoln again, spike. He said we'll be over to see it one day. That's nice. It was a good story. I heard a story that one time they brought pita Laurie into do a voice over and they said, okay, you know, start out by saying Hello. This is Peter Lawrence and goes and on you should Lori and they go. No, no. Sorry starts. Nice. She's feed a law didn't pass the audition. Yeah. He did a terrible pita Lori. I think that's wonderful. He was in. Morphine attic. As was. Yeah. Sure. Few other people. Yeah. Well, Chris I heard he one time he was making a movie, and I don't know the director's name, Vincent something. And he said can we do that take again? And Lori said no Br insanely to crap points today. And they said, well, what about those Mr. Moto pitches, you did English two different tariffs on drugs perfume? Yeah..

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